When one door closes another one opens


Welcome to my first blog.  This is my transformation from full-time 9-5 day job, to becoming the creative person that has been hidden by “that day job.”  First things first, the name of my blog comes from my Grandma and my home town.  My grandmother lived on Madison St in Zanesville Oh and passed away when I was pregnant for my first child.  That was in the early 80’s.  I started making and selling crafts then and called my “business” Madison Ave Crafts.  Needless to say: life, a new baby, another baby, diapers, food, tuition and everything that goes along with raising a family got in the way of my creativity.  I have now been given the opportunity to “get in touch” with my creative side, by leaving that 9-5 job.  Follow me as I recreate myself.

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  1. I love your website! I have no doubt you will be successful in the next chapter of your life…your “door” is now wide open!. Dream BIG little sister! Happy Birthday to you June 29th..what a wonderful gift you have just given yourself! Best of luck in your new venture!

  2. Kim had no idea that we had Madison Ave in come. Only Mine was in Anderson Indiana. I lived net door to my Great grandma and Great Grandpa. Love the blog.

  3. Really love your blog, I am sure you will be a sucess as you always have been. Look forward to more projects. I might even try some! Love the cricut card!!

  4. Congratulations Kim! I know you will do great with all of that talent of yours. Your mom and grandma would be so proud of you as is all of your family! A new door has opened for you so fly high! Good Luck!

  5. Loved your ideas and creations that I have seen so far Kim. Glad to hear you will be retiring and letting all your creativeness come out 🙂 I look forward to checking in here for some inspiration.
    See you at scrapclub soon.

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