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Washer Necklace


This weekend, I decided to try out the Washer Necklace that I had “pinned” on Pinterest.  To recreate this necklace check out the great instuctions at Nestled Blog. I did learn a few things while making this…

Materials I used

supplies for washer necklace

supplies for washer necklace-the washer package was purchased at Walmart for $1.97

48 inches of 5/8″ grograin ribbon

10    3/4″ washers

5   1″ washers

They used one yard of ribbon, which made the necklace too short.  She also used 20 washers and then it was way too heavy.  I also like the look using two sizes of washer…stay tuned for a bracelet…

washer necklace

DIY for Washer Necklace

When you are  threading the washers on the ribbon, watch because there is a top and bottom to the washer.

Happy 5th Birthday


Today we celebrated my great-niece, Leeann’s 5th birthday. Everyone had a great time and she received three dolls, including the one I bought. To wrap the doll, I took a plain white gift bag and added cut-outs done with my Cricut.  I also created a cute Elmo card for her.  Her mother on the other hand created an adorable mermaid cake!

Gift bag cut with Cricut

Gift bag cut with the Cricut using the “Cuttin Up” cartridge

gift bag cut with Cricut

Side two of gift bag cut with Cricut

Elmo card cut with Cricut

I used Black, Real Red and Pool Party paper for the card you can purchase these supplies here.

Birthday card made with Stampin Up and Cricut

Stand up Birthday card made with Stampin Up and CricutT

The base of the card is 4 1/4″ x 11″  score it at 1/2″ – 1  1/2″ – 2  1/2″-  3 1/2″ – 4 1/2″   To make it stand up.

Happy birthday Leeann

Happy 5th Birthday LeeAnn-blowing out the candles

Glass Etched “Ronk”


I am sure you remember my post “25 times 2”.  I cut out the name “Ronk” and said to watch for a future post and this is the “Ronk” post.

Glass tray

Glass tray from Kohl’s Food Network

Now cut the letters out contact paper. I used the Cricut cartridge “Cuttin Up.”  Take note that the contact paper will have the back or printed side up when you cut since we are putting the image on the bottom of the glass tray.

contact paper cut with cricut

I used my Cricut to cut the words.

Place the contact paper on the bottom of the glass tray and don’t forget to put the “middles” in the letters were needed.

contact paper on glass tray for etching

r Contact paper placed on the bottom of the glass tray.

The “Armor Etch” was purchased at Hobby Lobby. (of course I used a 40% off coupon)  Use caution with this product. Avoid Contact…wear gloves.  Put the Armor Etch on very thick with a brush.  The instructions I had said to leave it on 5 to 7 minutes.  I think I should have left it on a little longer.

armor etch on glass tray

Armor Etch on glass tray


Run the tray under hot water to remove the Armor Etch

run the glass tray under hot water to remove Armor Etch

Run the glass tray under hot water to remove Armor Etch


Finished Present for the Newlyweds…Congratulations Cindy & Dave

etched glass tray with words cut with Cricut

Etched glass tray with words cut with the Cricut





My daughter and niece have been after me to make some bracelets.  So this is my first try at a simple bracelet.  Being a 70’s girl who drives a VW Bug, the peace signs had me at “Hello”.


wooden peace signs ($3.99 at Hobby Lobby with of course a 40% off coupon)

black waxed “string” (I’ll look up the real name and size on my next trip)

assorted beads that I had on hand (even though my pantry is lacking supplies, my craft room is filled to the top  LOL)

peace sign and waxed string

You have to use waxed string because the hole is too small for a needle. I used 18″ of waxed string.

peace sign and waxed string

make a simple knot on each side of the peace sign

adding beads to the bracelet

measure around your wrist and leave about two inches without beads

cross over waxed string

cross over waxed string to get ready for closure


cut 18″ of string and loop it around the “crossed over ends”

right over left and under

now take the string…simple knot right over left and under with the two ends in the middle

making the knots


make about eight knots

knotting off

thread the end of the knotting thread through a needle and run it back through the knots to tie it off. Then trim and repeat with the other side.

finishing peace bracelet

put bracelet on and trim the ends and tie a bead on

finished peace bracelet

how to make peace sign bracelets

If the knots leave you scratchin’ your head…try this link for an eaiser closure

Fresh from the Garden


I have two wonderful friends, Judy and Bob and they happen to have a garden.  They brought me some fresh picked tomatoes.  I remembered seeing a recipe on Pinterest so I hurried to the computer and brought it up.  As always, my pantry was lacking many of the ingredients, so  I decided to try my own twist.

On Hand:

Italian Bread

Fresh Garden Tomatoes

Italian Blend Cheese

Garlic Salt

The most important thing in this recipe is to toast the bread in the toaster first.  This kept the fresh tomatoes from making the bread soggy.

Fresh tomatoes, Italian Bread and Cheese

Put the tomato slices on the toasted bread.

add Cheese

Add Cheese

Sprinkle with Garlic Salt and place under the broiler on Hi until cheese is melted


Enjoy...fresh tomatoes and cheese on Italian bread

Enjoy…fresh tomatoes and cheese on Italian bread


Forever Friends


Did you ever have one of those friends who never forgets your birthday? Well, I have just that kind friend and today is her birthday. Francie even sends cards every couple of weeks, just to let you know she is thinking about you.  She is one of a group of six of us “girls” who have a” Forever Friends Club”  (FFC).  We are a group of sisters who grew up in the same neighborhood.  Two are my age and the other three are our big sisters who are three years older than us.  I am sure you can just imagine how much it bugged the heck out of them when were we younger and “tagged” along everywhere they went. Now we are all “best friends” and love to get-together and talk about the “ole days”.  WELL…..

I feel awful that I forgot to mail her card on Friday, so she won’t get it until tomorrow (so if I post it today, does it still count has not missing her birthday.)

Happy Birthday Francie

Card Supplies:

I cut the numbers out using my Cricut (designed in the Cricut Craftroom, which is free to all Cricut users with internet access)

I used Basic Black paper from Stampin Up

The first layer of black with the numbers cut out was sprayed with smooch spritz  -silver foil

I just used a scrap of pink behind the 60

You can order the Stampin Up items by clicking here

This was “repinned” from Pinterest!

Francie’s Birthday card made with Stampin Up and Cricut

Another Birthday


A new day and another Birthday.  This time it is the baby of the family.  Well I guess 19 no longer qualifies her as a baby, but Kathleen is the youngest of the nieces and nephews.  So if you read my post yesterday, you know that she is no longer eligible for a present. Therefore I have promised to help her redecorate her room.(kinda like a present)  I am sure that will be the subject of a future post…stay tuned.

And now for the card.

Kathleen’s 19th Birthday Stampin Up Card

I used:

Road to Happiness Stampin Up  set

embossed the car with red

put brads on the wheels

Stampin Up paper:  Wild Wasabi, Baja Breeze, Melon Mambo –

Click here to order Stampin Up supplies


The road was cut with Cricut “Everyday Paper Dolls” cartridge

The numbers were also cut with the Cricut

You may notice the line of “grass” above the words…Well yes, I did rock the stamp and had to “cover up” my mistake

Kathleen and Cassidy the Birthday girls…364 days between them