Honoring a Vietnam Vet


Enjoy the smile when you give them their new pillowcase!

I guess I should start this blog by telling you a little more info about myself.  That 9-5 day job I will be leaving soon (the date has been moved from 7/31/12 to 8/31/12) is Postmaster of the village of Gratiot, Oh.  Since Gratiot is such a small village, every has to come to the Post Office to pick up their mail.  This is how I met “Moe”.  Moe is a Vietnam Veteran and more importantly a Marine.  He has graced me will stories of his time in the service and we have become friends.  When you meet Moe, there is not a doubt in your mind that he is proud to have served his country in the Marines.  He has three trucks and they are all green.  He once relayed a conservation that took place between one of his friend’s , Dennis, and Dennis’ mom.  It went something like this, “Dennis, there is something wrong with that Moe,  all he wears are green clothes.”  This is so true…army green is his color of choice.

Well in March I went to a quilt show and came across some “Marine” fabric and knew I just had to get some for Moe.  Then my dilemma was, what to make.  Well I had been given the instructions for an easy pillow case, so I rummaged through the mess I call my sewing room and believe it or not, I found those instructions.  I work better by seeing, than by reading, so I had to scratch my head a few times while I figured out the directions and then it was an easy pillow case with no raw edges, which I loved.  So fire up your machine and let’s make “Moe” a pillow case.

You will need:  (standard pillow )

1/4  yard for top of case

2″strip for accent piece (I didn’t read this part, so I had to dig in my stash…more on that in a later Post)

3/4 yd for main pillow case    all based on 44″ fabric yard piece of fabric

The fabrics

Step One

Unfold and press the 1/4 yard piece of fabric, place on working surface with RIGHT sided of fabric facing up.  Press the 2″ piece lengthwise with WRONG sides together.  Place on top of 1/4 yard piece, lining up raw edges.(trim so that main, accent and top pieces are all the same length.)

Step Two

Unfold and press the 3/4 yard piece of fabric.  Place on top of other pieces with WRONG side facing up toward you.  Line up raw edges on the top. Pin  the 3 layers of fabric in place.

Making the “roll”

Now comes the FUN part…(those are their words..it was a head scratching experience for me…If I suffered from dandruff, it would have looked like a blizzard had hit!) Roll or fold the remaining length of the 3/4 yard piece up towards the top raw edges. (Note: the wrong side of the fabric should be facing you) Pin in place lining up with the raw edges.

The sewn “roll”