Happy “25 times 2” Birthday Baby Sister “repinned bleach pen t-shirt”


25 times 2

Today is my baby sister’s birthday. I have been thinking about her reaching the big “50” and it reminded  me of my mom’s 6oth Birthday celebration.  We had a big party with 60 balloons and I asked her, “What does it feel like to be 60?” and her answer to me was, “You don’t feel like 60 on the inside”.  That got me to thinking….I guess you are never really happy with  your age.  When you are in grade school, you can not wait to get into Junior High (I am showing my age, now it’s Middle School).  When your reach High School, you can not wait to get your license.  After that for me it was “I can not wait  to turn 18.”  Why you may ask, well in the “day,” you could go to bars and drink 3.2% beer. ( If you know what I am talking about you are either my age or you have heard your parents tell you the story.) Now it’s the all important 21, that usually includes a “bar crawl”.  After you turn 30, you decide you want the clock to run the other way.

Now we would all rather be younger then our age, so that is why her shirt says “25 times 2”.  Don’t get me wrong, there are some perks that go with turning 50, but I think most of us would gladly give them all up to be 25 again…. we’re still not happy with our age are we?

So here’s how I made her T-Shirt!

You will need:

Bleach pen



stencil (mine was made with Cricut)

Shirt from Walmart for $4.48. How many times will you really wear it? LOL

I started with a pink shirt, cause she’s a Princess..(family joke)

stencil cut with Cricut -blade 6 pressure HI out of contact paper

I then went to my cricut to cut the image out of contact paper. For this shirt you don’t use these letters, you use the part that is peeled off. (the RONK at the bottom will be a later blog)

Put a piece of cardboard inside the shirt, so that the bleach doesn’t go through to the back.

Don’t forget to put in the centers of the letters on with CONTACT paper. Purple here so that you could see them!! Yes, that’s my big fat finger. I couldn’t figure out how to crop,

Peel the backing off the contact paper and position it where you want it on the shirt. Make sure to  save the little pieces that go inside the E and other spaces (shown in the picture above as PURPLE). Don’t forget to stick them on or you’ll just have a white blob instead of an E. Make sure all the edges are down TIGHT, so the bleach doesn’t run.

image with BLEACH on..

Color the stencil in with the small end of the bleach pen.

Let it set until you see the color changes. (@ 10 minutes for this color).  With the pink shirt the letters turned white, other colors of t-shirts will give you different results.

Then I panicked… how was I going to get the bleach washed out without it bleeding.  I rushed to the bathtub and turned on the cold water and ran it over the front of the shirt with the cardboard still inside.  I gently rubbed the image.

It’s a wrap…or rather…ready to wrap

Then I removed  the contact paper.  I rinsed the shirt again and threw it in the dryer…all by itself…just in case.

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