Aloha “repinned umberella wreath”


My baby sister, in my last post, is getting married next month Dave, a wonderful guy. Not only am I thrilled for her, but there an added  bonus,  he helps me with my computer issues.  He is taking my sister to Hawaii for their Honeymoon.  I loved the paper unbrella wreath that was on “Pinterest”,  so I decided to add a twist with a ribbon with the words “Aloha” and their wedding date “8-11-12”

You will need:

foam wreath

paper umbrella (I used @80)

shell necklace or other type of hanger

I used ribbon also…


foam wreath

I started with a wreath from Hobby Lobby

trim umbrella

I then trimmed the umbrella’s to make them easier to insert them in the wreath.

outside umbrella

I found it easier to put all the “outside” and “inside” umbrella’s in first.  The only reason mine are all the same color is because I used them for another project.

I trimmed a “shell” necklace for the hangar, but forgot to take a picture for this step.

Aloha paper umbrella wreath

I put the stickers on the ribbon for the words and date;

Please note:  It is VERY fragile…it would not hold up in any type of wind or weather, but it is so darn cute hanging in their kitchen.

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