My daughter and niece have been after me to make some bracelets.  So this is my first try at a simple bracelet.  Being a 70’s girl who drives a VW Bug, the peace signs had me at “Hello”.


wooden peace signs ($3.99 at Hobby Lobby with of course a 40% off coupon)

black waxed “string” (I’ll look up the real name and size on my next trip)

assorted beads that I had on hand (even though my pantry is lacking supplies, my craft room is filled to the top  LOL)

peace sign and waxed string

You have to use waxed string because the hole is too small for a needle. I used 18″ of waxed string.

peace sign and waxed string

make a simple knot on each side of the peace sign

adding beads to the bracelet

measure around your wrist and leave about two inches without beads

cross over waxed string

cross over waxed string to get ready for closure


cut 18″ of string and loop it around the “crossed over ends”

right over left and under

now take the string…simple knot right over left and under with the two ends in the middle

making the knots


make about eight knots

knotting off

thread the end of the knotting thread through a needle and run it back through the knots to tie it off. Then trim and repeat with the other side.

finishing peace bracelet

put bracelet on and trim the ends and tie a bead on

finished peace bracelet

how to make peace sign bracelets

If the knots leave you scratchin’ your head…try this link for an eaiser closure

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