Washer Necklace


This weekend, I decided to try out the Washer Necklace that I had “pinned” on Pinterest.  To recreate this necklace check out the great instuctions at Nestled Blog. I did learn a few things while making this…

Materials I used

supplies for washer necklace

supplies for washer necklace-the washer package was purchased at Walmart for $1.97

48 inches of 5/8″ grograin ribbon

10    3/4″ washers

5   1″ washers

They used one yard of ribbon, which made the necklace too short.  She also used 20 washers and then it was way too heavy.  I also like the look using two sizes of washer…stay tuned for a bracelet…

washer necklace

DIY for Washer Necklace

When you are  threading the washers on the ribbon, watch because there is a top and bottom to the washer.

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