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How to loosen a painted screw

loosen a screw

How to loosen a painted screw

I have been working on some painting projects around the house and I needed to remove a badly damaged screen door.  As you can see from the picture, the hinge had been painted over many times.  I tried and tried and was afraid I would strip the head of the screw.  I was  using a heat gun to strip the paint, so I decied to heat the hinge with the heat gun and tried again.  It worked!!


Tools used and hinge removed…YEA

First Day of Kindergarden – Cricut – Stampin Up Card

first day of school cricut stampin up card

First Day of school – Cricut – Stampin Up Card

My great-niece, Leeann started kindergarten this year.  Of course I needed to send her a card.  I was at Hobby Lobby and ran across this cute ribbon and used it as the basis for my card.

I cut the image out with my Cricut and used the Everyday Pater Dolls cartridge.  If you would like to order Stampin Up paper to complete this card, you can order it here.

Craft Days – Melted Crayon Art

Melted crayon art

Melted crayon art

My niece Kathleen asked me to help her with her redo of her bedroom at her Dad’s house, so we have been having “Craft Days”.  This is the first in a  series of these posts as we enjoy the FUN!

You will need:

unpainted canvas (we used 11 x 14 and got them at Hobby Lobby the two pack economy canvas – 40% coupon)

old or new crayons


hot glue gun



hair dryer

Kathleen had some old crayons she wanted to use and she didn’t want her crayons to be left on the canvas when she was done.  She started with a 14 inch piece of cardboard.  She laid out the crayons in the color order she found pleasing.  (great job).  She took the paper off the crayons she brought. We had to add some other crayons to complete the 14″ and they had the paper on them. She glued the crayons on to the edge of the cardboard with a hot glue gun.

melted crayon art

melted crayon art

We used the Cricut Craft Room mentioned in the earlier post, to cut the vinyl.

Cricut Craft Room melted crayon

Cricut Craft Room melted Crayon Art

I held the cardboard while Kathleen used a hair dryer set on high and high heat to melt the crayons.   We do have a few tips :

First:  melt the crayons outside or in a well protected area.  Some of the crayons did “splash” while we were heating them and trying to get them to melt.

Second: make sure you have the crayons on tight when you are gluing them down.

Third: it really didn’t matter if the crayons had paper on them or not, they both seemed to melt the same.

melted crayon art

Melted Crayon Art after the first canvas

We felt that we had enough of the crayons left to make another canvas, so we tried it again.

melted crayon art

Melted crayon art after the second canvas

melted crayon art

melted crayon art

The two on the left are the first ones we made.  If you notice, the Dream on the top left has splashes of red-orange.  This is because we didn’t have one of the crayons on tight, so it fell off while it was melting and made marks down the canvas.  We then tried to mask it with drops of red-orange.  The top right was one of the second one’s we completed.  It splashed a little.  Notice that the art on the right has less wax, but we still liked the effect.

Brutus Ohio State Quilt

Ohio State t-shirt

Original Ohio State t-shirt used

My sister’s 60th Birthday was this month  and I wanted to give her a special gift.  She is an avid OSU fan.  I decided it was time to finish that quilt I started in 2003.  In 2003 there was a show on TV called “While you were out.”  Well my sister was on her way to AZ on a bus trip  to watch her beloved Buckeye’s in the National Championship Game.  I got the bright idea to redo her bedroom while she was gone.  The idea snowballed and the whole family got onboard with the project. I did the bedroom and the rest of the family did the living room.    I knew I wanted to do a Buckeye bedroom and I was trying to come up with an idea for a quilt.  I ran across a t-shirt that belonged to her granddaughter, Cassidy.  I thought it would make an awesome quilt.  I took the t-shirt to Staples and put it on the copy machine and just kept  enlarging it until I got it to the size I wanted.  The quilt top was all white and I could not think of how to quilt it, so it sat in my UFO pile for 9 years.  I ran across a quilt pattern that had the red and gray diagonal around a block O .  This was the ticket to finishing the quilt.  I loved the outcome.

I guess it is “better late than never.”

Ohio State Quilt

. Ohio State Quilt

Ohio State Quilt

Ohio State Quilt

Ohio State Quilt

birthday girl with her Ohio State Quilt

O-H-I-O Stampin Up – Cricut Card

Cricut - Stampin Up card

Happy Birthday Cricut – Stampin Up card

My sister celebrated her birthday on August 15th and she is an avid Ohio State Fan.  This is the card I made for her Birthday.

You will need

Ohio State Paper

Stampin Up paper – Real Red – Going Gray

50 States Cricut cartridge

Cuttin Up Cricut Cartridge

This was a short post since it was so easy.  To order Stampin Up supplies, click here.

Birthday girl

Birthday girl and family

Ronk Wedding – Cricut /Stampin Up card

Cricut Wedding Card Stampin up

Wedding card cut with the Cricut using Stampin Up paper

This is the fifth and final post on the Ronk Wedding.  It is the card I made using my Cricut and Stampin Up paper.

You will need:

Wild Card cartridge

Wisteria Wonder & White Stampin Up card stock

Wisteria Wonder ink pad or marker

Road to Happiness stamp set

Versa mark ink

Silver embossing powder

sheet of vellum



The card is a 8 1/2  x 11 sheet of White paper folded in half.  I cut the Wisteria Wonder images with the Wild Card cartridge.  I put the couple and words on the front of the card and then added the sheet of vellum, ribbon and rhinestones.

Cricut Wedding Card Stampin Up

Inside of the Wedding card cut with the Cricut using Stampin Up paper…

I embossed the car and cans with silver embossing and stamped the saying and wedding couple with Wisteria Wonder ink.  These items may be purchased here.

And they lived happily ever after


Bride on the first day of the Honeymoon

Notice the Groom kept with the umbrella wreath theme in his drink

Ronk Wedding – Wish Jar

Wedding wish jar

Wedding Wish Jar

This is the forth in a series of posts on the Ronk Wedding.  Cindy decided  she would like to have the guest leave their wishes for the happy couple.  She went to Hobby Lobby and purchased a large jar, chalkboard and purple Sharpies. To make the Wishing Jar you will need:

Items needed:

Stampin Up paper :  Wisteria Wonder and Very Vanilla

“George” cartridge

wedding wish jar heart cut with Cricut

Hearts for Wedding Wish Jar cut with Cricut

I cut the hearts with my Cricut.  I set the size at 2 1/2 for the Wisteria Wonder and I selected the AUTO FILL button and cut the hearts.  I then set the size at 2 1/4 and cut the Very Vanilla using the same feature.  Using the AUTO FILL button with cut the maximum amount of the image you have selected.  I then layered the hearts.  You may purchase the paper by clicking here.

Wedding sign made with Cricut

Vinyl Letter cut with Cricut for Wedding Wish Jar

I used the Cricut Craft Room to cut the letters for the sign.  The instructions are on this post.  I painted the chalkboard purple and put the letters on the sign. We placed the hearts in a wooden box that was our Grandma Stotts.  Each guest placed their wish for the happy couple in the jar.

wedding wish jar

Wedding Wish Jar

Before the Happy Couple left for their honeymoon, the groom told me not to “read the wishes”.  I am not sure what some of them were, but I am sure they will enjoy reading them when they return.