Don’t let the heat keep you from “having your cake”


This is a great way to enjoy cake and ice cream.The best part about this is you don’t have to heat up your kitchen because you don’t use your oven  You make this using the waffle iron.  We had this for our dessert last week when we had the Pepperoni Crescent rolls at “Neffs”.  They were a big hit.  In fact they were such a hit, I forgot to take a “serving” picture.  Just trust me we all were in the “Clean Plate Club”.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

waffle iron ice cream sandwiches

waffle iron ice cream sandwiches

You will need:

waffle iron

Pam or other spray oil

cake mix and all the ingredients listed on the back of the box

ice cream

we added whipped cream and Carmel topping

Prepare cake mix as listed on box.

Spray the waffle iron andpPour the batter in the waffle iron and heat for @3 minutes.  Be careful how much batter you put in the waffle iron.  I am not the waffle maker at my house, so as you can see, I put too much batter in the first batch.

too much batter

too much batter

I had better luck with the second batch when I used @ 1/2 cup of batter.  Adjust the amount to your waffle iron.

perfect batch

I put the finished “waffles” on wire racks to cool and was off for my morning walk.  Unless you can find the square carton of ice cream you will have set your ice cream out to soften. Cut the each waffle in 4 sections and make a single layer in pan or freezer safe dish.  Top with layer of ice cream and then add another layer of cake.   Put in the freezer for at least two hours and you can eat them as sandwiches or we put them in a dish and topped them with whipped cream and Carmel syrup.  Enjoy!

ice cream sandwiches made with the waffle iron

How to make ice cream sandwiches using your waffle iron

This is what I did with the “mistake”.  My hubby got to enjoy that one!

sundae made with waffle iron

sundae made with waffle iron

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