How to repair an old damaged garage door

How to repair a garage dood

How to repair a garage door

Yes, I am ashamed to say that this is the state of my garage door.  I did get an estimate last year on a new door, but I just kept thinking that the money would be better spent on getting another state crossed off my bucket list.  To my defense, I really don’t like the look of those new vinyl doors on an older home. (my house was built in 1926 and that is why you will see plenty of future post in home repair)  I did not take any pictures before I started stripping the paint off of the doors, but do use caution when using a heat gun to strip paint.

broken window

broken window

This is what happens when you keep the heat gun too close to glass for too long.  First it was just a little crack, but when I raised the door to quote my mom “all hell broke loose” and I was glad I was not standing under the window.  (good news is : new glass was less that $10 and I replaced it myself with the help of hubby)

extent of the damage

This is the extent of the damage

wood filler

Tools of the trade

I looked at the damage and kept trying to think of what I could do to repair the damage.  My memories from Nancy Ave kicked in and all the time I spent in my dad’s body shop. (he worked on cars).  Bondo..well I am not sure what the stuff was called, I was in the 5th or 6th grade, but I knew you spread in on the rusted out parts of the car fender and waited for it to dry, sanded and then painted. Off to Lowe’s I went looking for something that would work on wood.  Found it!  I worked like a charm.  I think it was @ $9.00 and it did all the door.  Once I opened it, it did dry out pretty fast, so don’t wait more than a week to complete your project.  Here are the steps:

wood filler putty knife

Put the wood filler on the putty knife and bring it up from the damaged area. Try to get it as smooth as possible…less sanding.

4 steps in repairing damaged garage door

4 steps in repairing damaged garage door

Here you can see the four steps in repairing the damage garage door.

Upper left -two coats of paint

Lower left- one coat of paint

Upper right-sanded

Lower right-wood filler on/not sanded

repaired garage door

repaired garage door

Pretty amazing!  No it’s not perfect, but this is the view from my back porch and it’s good enough for me.

Money saved:

New door installed  $1400.00

Paint  @$36.00  I used Beur from Home Depot with the primer already in it!

Wood filler  @$9.00

New window @$8.00 (my hubby made me include this, but if you heed my caution you won’t have this cost)

Blood, sweat and tears…I’m retired…I have to earn my keep someway.  Yes it did take a lot of elbow grease!

Money saved : @$1347.00….

CO off my bucket list…priceless!  Yes, we are off to CO the end of the month. Yea!

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