Ronk Wedding- Cricut Craft Room sign

Wedding sign

Making a Wedding sign using the Cricut

This is going to be a series of posts for the Ronk Wedding.  My sister got married on 8/11/2012 to the wonderful man in this picture.  From the sign I am sure you can guess their names.  The wedding took place at Bryan’s Place in Zanesville, Oh and there happened to be two weddings that day, so we needed a sign to “point the way,” to our wedding.  This post is a mixed success story.  It will tell you how to make the stencil for the sign and what NOT to do when painting.  I can’t do everything just right, so I will let you learn from my not so successful tries.  My sister, Cindy, saw a similar sign on Pinterest and had a friend of Dave’s make the sign.  My job was to paint the words.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out the Cricut Craft room and use a 12″ x 24″ mat.  Cindy painted the sign and used, in her words,” a cheap foam roller.”  She wanted to put it in their yard after the wedding, so she used white house paint.  She then went to Sherwin Williams to purchase a “Color to Go” for the purple paint.

Purple was the color of choice for the wedding since it was my mother’s favorite color and it was a way to have her memory there with us on such an important day.  One of my mother’s favorite things to tell us when we seemed to make bad “romance” choices was…”there’s plenty of garbage in the dump.”  I think she was telling us we were looking for “love in all the wrong places.”  This time my sister must have looked in the right place, because she got a “keeper” and my mother would have been delighted with her choice.  Enough with the family saga.

On to the directions:

Cricut Craft room how to make a stencil

Cricut Craft Room- How to make a stencil

If you own a Cricut (any Cricut) and you have not yet downloaded the Cricut Craft Room you are really not using your Cricut to its full potential. It’s the is the best thing since “sliced bread”. ( Oh yea,  we have always had sliced bread, but think about your Grandma.)  You can download the Cricut Craft room from this link.  It is well worth your time, it’s FREE  and it is now very user-friendly.  Feel free to email me if you think I can help you with any question about the Craft Room. In this picture I have already typed in the words I needed for my sign and “rotated” them to fit the 12 x 24 mat.

How to use Cricut Craft Room to make a text box

How to make a text box in the Cricut Craft Room

Once you enter the Cricut Craft Room you will see Green bars on the left hand side of the screen.  Pick FONTS, then pick the font cartridge you are using, pick the size and click on ADD NEW TEXT BOX.  Now for the really slick part.  You just have to type the letters on your computer and the words will show up in the Text box.  Once you are done with a line hit, DONE and place the box on the mat. ( At this point you can weld the words by going to Letter Spacing and hitting the down arrow and when the letters overlap, they will weld.) I did not weld on this project.

how to rotate image in the Cricut Craft Room

How to rotate an image or text box in the Cricut Craft Room

In most cases you will not have to do this step, which is to rotate the text box so it will cut on your Cricut.  I had to rotate my text box because my words were longer than 12″.  This was great, because it gave me a chance to try out the 12 x 24 mat.  I had to click on each text box and highlight it and then go to SHAPE PROPERTIES and put 90 degrees in the rotate box.   I then cut the image out of contact paper just like in my post “25 times 2”.   Do not use the glass etching post where I reversed the image.

Now for what I thought would be the fun part.

Wedding sign using Cricut

Wedding sign with contact paper  that was cut with the Cricut

So here we are and the RONK still has the contact paper  on and the LUCKY IN LOVE has the paper off.  Looks pretty good huh!  Well wrong!!!!  Look at this close up picture:

up close picture of Cricut Sign

Boo Hiss…up close picture of Cricut sign

Look how fuzzy the image turned out.  Now was the time to get out the crying towel, but Cass was there and I had to “buck up.” I believe the problem stemmed from the using the “cheap foam roller”  to put on the house paint, if you look really close you can see the surface was a little rough. This is where I should have sanded, but  I really thought I had the contact paper down so that the paint wouldn’t bleed, think again sister.  I started thinking of what I could do to fix the situation.  My first thought was to paint the sign purple and then cut the letters out of white vinyl.  Then I remembered, I’m retired and have all this time on my hands.  While Cassidy surfed the web for news about “Blake Shelton”, I spent @ two hours painstakingly painting around each and every letter.  Thank heavens at one time Tole painting was one of my addictions.  The finished product turned out great and now you have the instructions on how to use the Craft Room, so all is not lost.

Lesson learned:  DO NOT try to stencil on an uneven surface  It’s just doesn’t work no matter careful you think you are painting.

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