Craft Days – Melted Crayon Art

Melted crayon art

Melted crayon art

My niece Kathleen asked me to help her with her redo of her bedroom at her Dad’s house, so we have been having “Craft Days”.  This is the first in a  series of these posts as we enjoy the FUN!

You will need:

unpainted canvas (we used 11 x 14 and got them at Hobby Lobby the two pack economy canvas – 40% coupon)

old or new crayons


hot glue gun



hair dryer

Kathleen had some old crayons she wanted to use and she didn’t want her crayons to be left on the canvas when she was done.  She started with a 14 inch piece of cardboard.  She laid out the crayons in the color order she found pleasing.  (great job).  She took the paper off the crayons she brought. We had to add some other crayons to complete the 14″ and they had the paper on them. She glued the crayons on to the edge of the cardboard with a hot glue gun.

melted crayon art

melted crayon art

We used the Cricut Craft Room mentioned in the earlier post, to cut the vinyl.

Cricut Craft Room melted crayon

Cricut Craft Room melted Crayon Art

I held the cardboard while Kathleen used a hair dryer set on high and high heat to melt the crayons.   We do have a few tips :

First:  melt the crayons outside or in a well protected area.  Some of the crayons did “splash” while we were heating them and trying to get them to melt.

Second: make sure you have the crayons on tight when you are gluing them down.

Third: it really didn’t matter if the crayons had paper on them or not, they both seemed to melt the same.

melted crayon art

Melted Crayon Art after the first canvas

We felt that we had enough of the crayons left to make another canvas, so we tried it again.

melted crayon art

Melted crayon art after the second canvas

melted crayon art

melted crayon art

The two on the left are the first ones we made.  If you notice, the Dream on the top left has splashes of red-orange.  This is because we didn’t have one of the crayons on tight, so it fell off while it was melting and made marks down the canvas.  We then tried to mask it with drops of red-orange.  The top right was one of the second one’s we completed.  It splashed a little.  Notice that the art on the right has less wax, but we still liked the effect.

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