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Ronk Wedding – Favors

Ronk Wedding Favors

Wedding Favors

This is the third in a series of post on the Ronk Wedding.  This is a short post since it is just for the favors.  My sister  picked the theme, “Lucky in Love” for her wedding.  She started to think about ideas for the wedding and Lottery tickets came to mind.  Cass and I got busy making the holders for the lottery tickets while Cindy’s daughter, Kathleen, made the suckers.  The coffee mugs were also purchaced as a gift for the newyweds, by Kathleen.  Within the last year we have had 3 other family weddings and the bride had purchased these coffee mugs for all three showers.  Kathleen got online and bought them for the newyweds, since one of their favorite things to do is have their morning coffee on their deck.

You will need:

Wisteria Wonder & Very Vanilla  Stampin Up paper

Scallop Edge Border punch

3/16″Corner punch

printed paper of your choice (we chose HI theme paper since that was were they were going for the honeymoon)

We used 12 x 12 inch paper and cut it to 6 x 4 so we could get 6 out of each sheet. We then scored the paper a 1 3/4″ and punched the bottom edge with the Scallop punch.  We added printed paper and rounded the corners of the top of the ticket holder.  We then printed the message on Very Vanilla. You may purchase most of the items here.

wedding favor

Up close picture of the Wedding favor, so you can see the saying

Ronk Wedding

Shelby (groom’s daughter) Kathleen (bride’s daughter)

Ronk Wedding – Cupcake Toppers

Wedding cupcake stick pins

Wedding cupcakes

This is the second in my series on the Ronk Wedding.  The theme for the wedding was “Lucky in Love”.  The couple decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake and opted for cupcakes.  Well our creative minds started working and we decided they needed a “topper”. I enlisted my trusty helper, Cass, to complete this task.

You will need:

1 3/8″ square punch

1 1/4″ square punch

crystal effects

Wisteria Wonder Stampin Up paper

Very Vanilla Stampin Up paper

round toothpicks

Font program for computer

These items can be ordered by clicking here. You can also choose from a variety of colors to match your wedding.

wedding stick pins with crystal effects

Wedding topper with Crystal Effects

We found Crystal Effects worked great for holding the toothpicks in place.  Keep in mind the it does take a few hours to dry completely.

foam squares to put the images together

Use foam squares cut in half to put the squares together

You need the foam squares to raise the square so it will hold over the toothpick.


stick pins in cupcakes

Finished cupcake with topper

Ronk Wedding- Cricut Craft Room sign

Wedding sign

Making a Wedding sign using the Cricut

This is going to be a series of posts for the Ronk Wedding.  My sister got married on 8/11/2012 to the wonderful man in this picture.  From the sign I am sure you can guess their names.  The wedding took place at Bryan’s Place in Zanesville, Oh and there happened to be two weddings that day, so we needed a sign to “point the way,” to our wedding.  This post is a mixed success story.  It will tell you how to make the stencil for the sign and what NOT to do when painting.  I can’t do everything just right, so I will let you learn from my not so successful tries.  My sister, Cindy, saw a similar sign on Pinterest and had a friend of Dave’s make the sign.  My job was to paint the words.  I thought this would be a great opportunity to try out the Cricut Craft room and use a 12″ x 24″ mat.  Cindy painted the sign and used, in her words,” a cheap foam roller.”  She wanted to put it in their yard after the wedding, so she used white house paint.  She then went to Sherwin Williams to purchase a “Color to Go” for the purple paint.

Purple was the color of choice for the wedding since it was my mother’s favorite color and it was a way to have her memory there with us on such an important day.  One of my mother’s favorite things to tell us when we seemed to make bad “romance” choices was…”there’s plenty of garbage in the dump.”  I think she was telling us we were looking for “love in all the wrong places.”  This time my sister must have looked in the right place, because she got a “keeper” and my mother would have been delighted with her choice.  Enough with the family saga.

On to the directions:

Cricut Craft room how to make a stencil

Cricut Craft Room- How to make a stencil

If you own a Cricut (any Cricut) and you have not yet downloaded the Cricut Craft Room you are really not using your Cricut to its full potential. It’s the is the best thing since “sliced bread”. ( Oh yea,  we have always had sliced bread, but think about your Grandma.)  You can download the Cricut Craft room from this link.  It is well worth your time, it’s FREE  and it is now very user-friendly.  Feel free to email me if you think I can help you with any question about the Craft Room. In this picture I have already typed in the words I needed for my sign and “rotated” them to fit the 12 x 24 mat.

How to use Cricut Craft Room to make a text box

How to make a text box in the Cricut Craft Room

Once you enter the Cricut Craft Room you will see Green bars on the left hand side of the screen.  Pick FONTS, then pick the font cartridge you are using, pick the size and click on ADD NEW TEXT BOX.  Now for the really slick part.  You just have to type the letters on your computer and the words will show up in the Text box.  Once you are done with a line hit, DONE and place the box on the mat. ( At this point you can weld the words by going to Letter Spacing and hitting the down arrow and when the letters overlap, they will weld.) I did not weld on this project.

how to rotate image in the Cricut Craft Room

How to rotate an image or text box in the Cricut Craft Room

In most cases you will not have to do this step, which is to rotate the text box so it will cut on your Cricut.  I had to rotate my text box because my words were longer than 12″.  This was great, because it gave me a chance to try out the 12 x 24 mat.  I had to click on each text box and highlight it and then go to SHAPE PROPERTIES and put 90 degrees in the rotate box.   I then cut the image out of contact paper just like in my post “25 times 2”.   Do not use the glass etching post where I reversed the image.

Now for what I thought would be the fun part.

Wedding sign using Cricut

Wedding sign with contact paper  that was cut with the Cricut

So here we are and the RONK still has the contact paper  on and the LUCKY IN LOVE has the paper off.  Looks pretty good huh!  Well wrong!!!!  Look at this close up picture:

up close picture of Cricut Sign

Boo Hiss…up close picture of Cricut sign

Look how fuzzy the image turned out.  Now was the time to get out the crying towel, but Cass was there and I had to “buck up.” I believe the problem stemmed from the using the “cheap foam roller”  to put on the house paint, if you look really close you can see the surface was a little rough. This is where I should have sanded, but  I really thought I had the contact paper down so that the paint wouldn’t bleed, think again sister.  I started thinking of what I could do to fix the situation.  My first thought was to paint the sign purple and then cut the letters out of white vinyl.  Then I remembered, I’m retired and have all this time on my hands.  While Cassidy surfed the web for news about “Blake Shelton”, I spent @ two hours painstakingly painting around each and every letter.  Thank heavens at one time Tole painting was one of my addictions.  The finished product turned out great and now you have the instructions on how to use the Craft Room, so all is not lost.

Lesson learned:  DO NOT try to stencil on an uneven surface  It’s just doesn’t work no matter careful you think you are painting.

How to repair an old damaged garage door

How to repair a garage dood

How to repair a garage door

Yes, I am ashamed to say that this is the state of my garage door.  I did get an estimate last year on a new door, but I just kept thinking that the money would be better spent on getting another state crossed off my bucket list.  To my defense, I really don’t like the look of those new vinyl doors on an older home. (my house was built in 1926 and that is why you will see plenty of future post in home repair)  I did not take any pictures before I started stripping the paint off of the doors, but do use caution when using a heat gun to strip paint.

broken window

broken window

This is what happens when you keep the heat gun too close to glass for too long.  First it was just a little crack, but when I raised the door to quote my mom “all hell broke loose” and I was glad I was not standing under the window.  (good news is : new glass was less that $10 and I replaced it myself with the help of hubby)

extent of the damage

This is the extent of the damage

wood filler

Tools of the trade

I looked at the damage and kept trying to think of what I could do to repair the damage.  My memories from Nancy Ave kicked in and all the time I spent in my dad’s body shop. (he worked on cars).  Bondo..well I am not sure what the stuff was called, I was in the 5th or 6th grade, but I knew you spread in on the rusted out parts of the car fender and waited for it to dry, sanded and then painted. Off to Lowe’s I went looking for something that would work on wood.  Found it!  I worked like a charm.  I think it was @ $9.00 and it did all the door.  Once I opened it, it did dry out pretty fast, so don’t wait more than a week to complete your project.  Here are the steps:

wood filler putty knife

Put the wood filler on the putty knife and bring it up from the damaged area. Try to get it as smooth as possible…less sanding.

4 steps in repairing damaged garage door

4 steps in repairing damaged garage door

Here you can see the four steps in repairing the damage garage door.

Upper left -two coats of paint

Lower left- one coat of paint

Upper right-sanded

Lower right-wood filler on/not sanded

repaired garage door

repaired garage door

Pretty amazing!  No it’s not perfect, but this is the view from my back porch and it’s good enough for me.

Money saved:

New door installed  $1400.00

Paint  @$36.00  I used Beur from Home Depot with the primer already in it!

Wood filler  @$9.00

New window @$8.00 (my hubby made me include this, but if you heed my caution you won’t have this cost)

Blood, sweat and tears…I’m retired…I have to earn my keep someway.  Yes it did take a lot of elbow grease!

Money saved : @$1347.00….

CO off my bucket list…priceless!  Yes, we are off to CO the end of the month. Yea!

Thanks to All

Stampin up embossed thank you care

Stampin Up embossed Thank you card

On July 31, 2012 I retired from the position of Postmaster of the village of Gratiot, Oh.  This was the “one door closes” in my earlier post.  It was a bittersweet day filled with well wishes from my friends and family.  I enjoyed all the years I worked at the USPS and all of the people I met over the years. Of course I had to make my Thank You cards for all the wonderful people in my life.  Although not all of the thank you’s were exactly the same, they all included the silver embossed VW. (which is what I have driven for the past 9 years).

To reproduce this card you will need the following Stampin Up supplies which you can order here

Melon Mambo, Old Olive and Pool Party cardstock

embossing buddy

silver embossing

versa mark stamp pad

Melon Mambo stamp pad

tag punch

I am sorry but the other items are not listed in the new Stampin Up book

Stamp sets: Groovy and Riveting

How to emboss an image:

The first step is to rub the embossing buddy over the card stock you are going to emboss.  This prevents the embossing powder from randomly sticking to the paper.  Stamp the image using a Versa Mark pad.

How to emboss a Stampin Up card

How to emboss a Stampin Up card

I store my embossing power in the disposable lunch containers with the color listed on the end, so that they will stack.  This also makes them much eaiser to “dip” in the embossing powder.  Make sure the entire image is covered with powder, shake off the excess powder and  then heat with an embossing gun or I just used my heat gun from the tool box.

How to emboss a Stampin Up card

How to emboss a Stampin Up card

embossed image

embossed image

The pictured card was made just for Judy & Bob! They got me a “butterfly” necklace and balloon, because she said the butterfly is the symbol of new life and I will be starting my “new life”.  If you will notice, I used butterfly paper behind the VW image. (love ya, Judy and Bob)

retirement pic

Judy, Angie (best employee ever) me

retirement pic

My family

retirement photo

This one’s for Kelley (she know the rest of the story)

retirement photo

Jen, Ben and me

retirement photp

The Double B’s, me and the all important CAKE..never forget the cake. Good job Mike

How to clean a L. L. Bean Canvas bag

How to clean a Land's End canvas bag

How to clean a Land’s End canvas bag

Land’s End! Opps…I meant L. L. Bean…  The name to have in canvas bags.  My friend Francie got me a L. L. Bean bag a few years ago for my birthday.  Unlike my Grandma, I didn’t save it, I used it.  If we got something for my Grandma, she would always save it for good.

I carried my bag back and forth to work and sat it on the floor. As time passed, my bag got dirty.  I was at Walmart and spied my mom’s secret weapon on dirt.  Fels-Naptha soap When were young we alway had the whitest socks and my brother had the cleanest football pants on the team.  My mom loved to do laundry and she spent many hours scrubbing our white socks.  I bought a bar and brought it home. 

I  ran across my bag and decided to try to clean it with my bar of Fels-Naptha.  I think the real secret to cleaning the bag was the mop bucket.  If you notice in the picture it is almost the exact size of the bag. I placed the bag over the bucket and used a little “elbow grease”, scrub brush, Fels-Naptha soap and the hose. 

dirty Land's End bag

dirty Land’s End bag

I also had a printed Relic Canvas bag that was getting dirty so it got the same treatment.

Relic bag

Relic bag

The bags turned out great, but I got a little carried away on the printed bag and it faded a little.  I had to scrub the handles on the Land’s End bag  again since I had used too much soap and they dried yellow.  I just used plain water and the scrub brush the second time around.  Make sure you let the Land’s End bag dry on the mop bucket so  it will retain the great shape.  Good Luck with your bag.

How to clean a Land's End bag finished product

How to clean a Land’s End bag finished productRelic Bag cleaned

Relic Bag Cleaned

I was reading the wrapper of the soap and noticed it said “contains no Naphthalene”.  I looked it up and it stated “it is an organic compound…bla, bla ,bla and a lot of  chemical terms and then …main ingredient in moth balls.”  I then Googled “Fels-Naptha” and the information is listed below in case you are interested in the history!  I guess I really do have too much time on my hands…..


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Fels-Naptha, modern packaging on kitchen counter

Fels-Naptha is a brand of bar laundry soap used for pre-treating stains on clothing and as a home remedy for exposure to poison ivy and other skin irritants. Fels-Naptha is manufactured by and is a trademark of the Dial Corporation.

[edit] Use

The soap comes packaged in paper similar to bar body soap and is most often found in the laundry section of a supermarket or grocery store. It is used in the pre-treatment of stains by rubbing the dampened product on a soiled area prior to laundering, and is claimed by the manufacturer to be most effective in removing chocolate, baby formula, perspiration, and make-up.[1]

The original Fels-Naptha, developed by Philadelphia manufacturer Joseph Fels around 1893, was used as a home remedy in the treatment of contact dermatitis caused by exposure to poison ivy, poison oak, and other oil-transmitted organic skin-irritants. Washing the skin directly with the soap helps break up the oils that carry the toxin. However, in its own caution use sheet, Dial Corp. stated that Fels-Naptha is a skin irritant and not to be used directly on skin.[2] Grated and added to a wash cycle, about 1/16th a bar’s worth of Fels-Naptha per load, is said to eliminate residual resins that can remain in clothes up to a year, according to the manufacturer.[1]

  • Fels-Naptha

  • Advertising pamphlet published by Naptha

[edit] Health Considerations

Fels-Naptha used to contain Stoddard solvent, a skin and eye irritant. According to the ingredients list on the Fels-Naptha website, Stoddard solvent is no longer included in the soap.[1]

According to the “Chronic Health Effects” section of the National Institutes of Health’s MSDS for the original formulation of Fels-Naptha:

Chronic toxicity testing has not been conducted on this product. However, the following effects have been reported on one of the product’s components. Stoddard solvent: Repeated or prolonged exposure to high concentrations has resulted in upper respiratory tract irritation, central and peripheral nervous system effects, and possibly hematopoetic, liver and kidney effects.

Stoddard solvent is another name for mineral spirits, which are, like petroleum distillates, a mixture of multiple chemicals made from petroleum. Exposure to Stoddard solvent in the air can affect your nervous system and cause dizziness, headaches, or a prolonged reaction time. It can also cause eye, skin, or throat irritation.[3]

[edit] References

  1. ^ a b c
  2. ^ Material Safety Data Sheet Section 2: Hazard Identification “…exposure with skin may cause irritation.” To access the specific page you must

Don’t let the heat keep you from “having your cake”


This is a great way to enjoy cake and ice cream.The best part about this is you don’t have to heat up your kitchen because you don’t use your oven  You make this using the waffle iron.  We had this for our dessert last week when we had the Pepperoni Crescent rolls at “Neffs”.  They were a big hit.  In fact they were such a hit, I forgot to take a “serving” picture.  Just trust me we all were in the “Clean Plate Club”.  I hope you enjoy it as much as we did…

waffle iron ice cream sandwiches

waffle iron ice cream sandwiches

You will need:

waffle iron

Pam or other spray oil

cake mix and all the ingredients listed on the back of the box

ice cream

we added whipped cream and Carmel topping

Prepare cake mix as listed on box.

Spray the waffle iron andpPour the batter in the waffle iron and heat for @3 minutes.  Be careful how much batter you put in the waffle iron.  I am not the waffle maker at my house, so as you can see, I put too much batter in the first batch.

too much batter

too much batter

I had better luck with the second batch when I used @ 1/2 cup of batter.  Adjust the amount to your waffle iron.

perfect batch

I put the finished “waffles” on wire racks to cool and was off for my morning walk.  Unless you can find the square carton of ice cream you will have set your ice cream out to soften. Cut the each waffle in 4 sections and make a single layer in pan or freezer safe dish.  Top with layer of ice cream and then add another layer of cake.   Put in the freezer for at least two hours and you can eat them as sandwiches or we put them in a dish and topped them with whipped cream and Carmel syrup.  Enjoy!

ice cream sandwiches made with the waffle iron

How to make ice cream sandwiches using your waffle iron

This is what I did with the “mistake”.  My hubby got to enjoy that one!

sundae made with waffle iron

sundae made with waffle iron