Easy Fall Pumpkin Decoration

pumpkin decoration

Easy no-sew pumpkin decoration

My friend Barb recently asked me for a quick project for a Girl Scout troop.  Since it is fall, this pumpkin quickly came to mind.  I have a friend, Irvalle, who has “sewing days” at her house in the Spring and Fall.  A group meets in an old church on her family property and we “sew” for a week.  We all take turns bringing lunch and dinner and have a great time, eating, laughing, and of course we squeeze in some sewing.   Irvalle always has a cute project for each of us and this was the project a few years ago.  It is very simple to make and no sewing is required.

Did I mention that there is no running water at the church, so we use an old fashion “out-house”.  So this pumpkin could be put to use in an emergency….

pumpkin supplies

Pumpkin Supplies

You will need:

1 fat quarter of orange material  (18 x 22)

scraps of brown and green felt

green pipe cleaner

toilet paper

fall pumpkin

Fall Pumpkin

Iron the material and place the roll of toilet paper  in the middle of the material.  Bring in the sides of the material and “stuff” the ends into the middle of the tube.


add decoration

Cut a 3 x 6 piece of brown felt and roll for the stem.  Cut two leaves out of green felt and curl the pipe cleaner to look like vines.  Insert into the top of the tube and ENJOY!  How easy was that!!

fall pumpkin

Fall pumpkin

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