Pop tab bracelet

pop tab bracelet

Pop tab bracelet

My niece, Kathleen and I are addicted to the bracelets on Pinterest.  On a recent trip, we went on a tour of Coor’s in Golden CO.  In the gift shop they had a “beer tab” bracelet. I though it looked like something we could make.

beer tab bracelet

This bracelet was put together with elastic.  I looked on Pinterest and found one using ribbon and thought I would try the ribbon version.

supplies for pop tab bracelet

Supplies for Pop Tab Bracelet

You will need:

ribbon @ 26″


safety pins

@ 13 pop or beer tabs

I don’t drink beer, but I am a Coke Zero addict, so I had plenty on hand. (Note to self: ask Terri to save her’s for me)  I decided to use two colors of ribbon.  The green and white one is for Kathleen, since she goes to Ohio University and the orange and navy one is for my daughter’s friend who lives in FL.  You can choose school colors or colors to match your outfit.

tie knot in one end

Tie a knot on one end

use safety pins

Put safety pins on opposite ends of ribbon

Thread the ribbon through the tab, by putting safety pins on the ends of ribbon.  Pay close attention when you are threading the tab. Keep like ends of the tabs in the same position and have the top side of the tabs facing you as you are weaving .  This keeps the sharp side next to the ribbons, so it doesn’t scratch your arm.

use like tabs

Use tabs in the same direction

Put the first tab on going under the ribbon.  Put the rest of the tabs going through the top of the ribbon as pictured.

weaving ribbon

Weaving ribbon

Now you will begin weaving the ribbon.  Follow the picture.  Weave the ribbon over the second tab and down through the hole in the first tab as pictured.

weaving ribbon

Weaving the ribbon on the rest of the bracelet

Pull the tabs together and this is what it should look like.  Now bring the ribbon up through the bottom of the second tab and then over the third tab and continue until the bracelet fits your wrist.  I think I started with @ 24″ of ribbon and I used 13 tabs.  I just wanted the tabs on the top and I tied the bracelet on the back.

weaving ribbon

Weaving ribbon

This shows the next step. Threading the ribbon up through the second tab using the safety-pin.

adding third tab

adding third tab

Just keep repeating the steps until the bracelet fits your wrist.

finished bracelet

Finished Pop tab bracelet

Beer Tab Bracelet

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