Wedding Anniversary Sign

wedding anniversary sign

Wedding Anniversary Sign

I went to work in the village of Gratiot in 2004.  While I worked there I met a delightful family, the Russell’s.  Harold Russell would come to the Post Office several times per week to pick-up his mail and we always had an interesting conversation.  Today I had the privilege of being invited to Harold and Helen’s 66th wedding anniversary party.  I saw this sign on Pinterest and decided to give it a try.

painting frame

Painting Frame

My first task was updating the picture frame.  I took it outside to paint and used Krylon black satin spray paint. The trick is to spray several light coats on the front and back of the frame.

cutting the vinyl

Cutting the vinyl

I designed the sign in the Cricut Craft room which is free on the website.  The instructions for planning the sign is on this post.  You will design the black on Layer 1 and then add Layer 2 to cut the white.  Line the layers and make sure the size fits inside the frame you have chosen.  In the picture the layers are shown in different colors.

put the right side down

Put the right side down

You will want the vinyl on the back of the glass, so you will have to put the vinyl right side down on the mat to cut. This will cut the letters in reverse.

reversed image

Reversed image

put white image on first

Put white image on first

I put the glass down on my cutting mat so that I would have a straight line to line up the image and get it centered.

peel off backing

Peel off backing

Peel off the backing a little at a time.  Smooth the letters down as you go.  (if you peel all the backing off at the start, it will stick to itself)  Place the black last name over the white first names.  Then add the wedding date at the bottom.

finished image

Wedding anniversary sign

This is the finished image.  Then I started of thinking how I was going to get the glass to stay in the frame without any backing.  Keep in mind that I am the ultimate procastanator.  It was 5 a.m. and I first tried to nail it, but that wasn’t working.  The back had a groove which the old backing fit into, so I cut the corners off the backing and super glued them into the frame…

Sometimes a girl just works better under pressure.  Yes it was 5 a.m. and the party was that day….

nail didn't work

Nail didn’t work

corners cut off backing

Corners cut off backing

corners glued in

Corners glued in groove of frame

add hanger

Add hanger

Happy 66th Anniversary Harold and Helen!!

Note:  next time I will make the first names smaller so that the last name will show up a little clearer.

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