Old Photos…priceless

family picture

Grandma Stotts…old boyfriend…Aunt Glenna

On Thursday Sept. 27, 2012 my Aunt Ruthie will be 85.  My sister Diana called me yesterday to see if I would go with her to take Aunt Ruthie out to dinner.  Of course, I couldn’t say no.  Aunt Ruthie lives in a trailer court near her sister , my Aunt Wanda, so we were including Aunt Wanda in the dinner.  They told my sister that they didn’t want to go out to eat, but would just love a visit.

Now comes the big secret….I was out this afternoon and when I returned home there was a message from Aunt Ruthie and she said they had decided we could bring them a “kid’s meal” from KFC.  She didn’t leave any details, so I went to the phone book to look up her number. I didn’t find Ruth, but I found  a Russell (which had been her husband’s name), I didn’t think the street was right, but called and left a message to have her call me back.  As the afternoon progressed there was no return call from my Aunt, so I called my sister at work to ask her if she had Aunt Ruthie’s phone number.  I told her I left a message and she said, “WHAT, Aunt Ruthie and Russell are divorced, why do you think she is living in a trailer…”  Really…I guess I thought he had died and she was just still using his name in the phone book. I made my sister promise not to mention anything about the call to Aunt Ruthie.  I am sure Aunt Glenna will not be happy with the picture, but she will surely get a laugh out of the phone call.

Needless to say, we made it to her house and they really enjoyed the dinner.  I took some picture albums and the above picture was in one of  the albums.  On the back of the picture my mom had written “Mom was half asleep and Glenna did not want her picture taken”  1952.

My Aunt Wanda laughed and laughed at the picture of her mom and pointed to the ceiling and said, “I wish Mom could see this!” You have to understand that my Grandma would have never let anyone take a picture like that of her….Aunt Wanda said..”look at her legs showing”

Now you may ask, what is the point of this post.  My mother’s sisters took great care of her when she was sick and would never hear of taking any thing for all they did.  So a take-out meal  and Dairy Queen Cake made two ladies very happy.  This evening looking at old photos was priceless…

I was sorry that we didn’t think to invite Aunt Glenna to the “party.”  She called while we were there and Aunt Ruthie told her we were having a party.  Busted!!

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