Butterfinger Cake

ingredients for Butterfinger cake

Ingredients for Butterfinger cake

A couple of weeks ago I posted Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup.  I had made this soup for my scrapbook group and I promised to post the dessert I made for them, so here it is:

You will need:

Yellow cake mix and the listed ingredients to prepared it

Cool Whip

One can of sweetened condensed milk

1 cup of caramel syrup

6 fun size Butterfingers (crushed)

prepare yellow cake

Prepare the yellow cake mix as directed on the package.  Poke holes in the cake with a straw or fork.

mix condensed milk and carmel

Mix sweetened condensed milk and caramel

I should have used a bigger bowl to mix.

pour on cake

Pour the mixture on the cake while it is still hot

At this point I was beginning to wonder, “what the world”!  The cake was swimming in the mixture.  The mixture flowed to the sides of the cake and pooled.  I used a tablespoon and put some of it back in the middle of the cake.

mixture soaked in

The milk and caramel mixture soaked into the yellow cake.

The cake needed to cool and I had finished the bottle of caramel syrup.  My grandma taught me never to waste anything, so I poured some milk in the bottle and had some caramel  milk while the cake cooled.

carmal milk

caramel milk

Butterfinger cake

Butterfinger cake

I have to admit this cake is packed with calories.  I cut the pieces small and several of us went back for seconds.  The cake does get very moist, so “darn” we had to eat it up quickly.  I had to take some to my sister-in-law, Kelley, since she was the one was  who originally “pinned” the recipe.  Visit the “Plain Chicken  for the original version of this cake.  She also has other versions of the cake that I really want to try.  I am sure the scrapbook club will enjoy the chocolate version.  Enjoy!!  Let me know what you think if you try it.

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  1. SUPER DUPER YUMM-O Kim, You thought it would go farther at scrappbooking by cutting small pieces but honey—I had 2 pieces and I’m not ashamed—it is soooooooooooo outstandingly great.
    And you can take that to the bank sista’

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