Girly Tooth Fairy Pillow

tooth fairy pillow

Tooth fairy pillow

If you remember, a few weeks ago I posted another tooth fairy pillow I had made for Francie’s grandson.  We tried to get a pair of his old jeans to make the pillow, but time started to run out as the tooth was getting very loose.  I upcycled other jeans for that pillow.  Well she was able to get a pair of “Sara’s” ( her granddaughter) jeans and she brought them to me to make two tooth fairy pillows for her granddaughters.


Recycled jeans


Front of recycled jeans

I decided what parts of the jeans I would use and started doing some measurements.  I needed a back pocket for the money and a place to put the “tooth” pocket.  The jeans were so cute on the front, so I worked my design around the “LOVE”.  Of course this would be Sara’s pillow, since they were her jeans.

tooth fairy pillow

layout for tooth fairy pillow

This was my lay out for the first tooth fairy pillow.  I had to make the from the same size as the back.

jeans pillow

measurements for the tooth fairy pillow

I then thought it would be great to have their names on the pillows, so I got out my Cricut and cut their names out of freezer paper.

tooth fairy pillow

Names for tooth fairy pillows

I then ironed the fabric to Wonder Under and ironed the freezer paper to the material to cut out the names

tooth fairy pillow

Names for tooth fairy pillow

I then cut out the names and ironed them onto the pillow and stitched around them.

jeans pillow

Second pillow

This is the layout for the second pillow.  I had to add some recycled jean material to “Ava’s” pillow.

tooth fairy pillow

other sides of the tooth fairy pillows

Francie said the girls loved their pillows.  The even sent me the cutest “thank you” card with a couple of great gift cards.  Thanks girls (and Grandma Francie).

Happy sewing…or…

If you have an old pair of your child’s jeans and would like me to make them a tooth fairy pillow, contact me at

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