Crock pot chicken and noodles

chicken and noodles

Crock Pot Chicken and noodles

I feel like I have slacked off on my posts the last couple of weeks, but that is because I am “working”.  Yes, I hate to admit it but I have somewhat joined the workforce.  I am working in the local school systems as a substitute aide.  They have kept me pretty busy the last two weeks.  I am also slowing returning to the “long arm quilting” world.  I have just finished 3 quilts.  I will be posting pictures next week of some of the quilts.

On to the real reason for this post….Crock Pot Chicken and Noodles.  I got this recipe from Pinterest.  The pin can be found at this link.  I will be posting an updated recipe the next time I make this dish.  While the chicken and noodles were really tasty, both my husband and I thought it called for WAY too much butter.  I also only put in two boneless chicken breasts and it was plenty of chicken (@ 1 and 1/3 lbs)  I think I will cut the butter in half or maybe even leave it out the next time around.  That being said, the chicken was really tender and is was very good, but a tad rich!

crock pot chicken and noodles

crock pot chicken and noodles

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