Buckeye Girl Clutch

Ohio State Buckeyes Clutch

Ohio State Buckeyes Clutch

Happy days at our house.  My Buckeye Girl (aka: my daughter) is returning home to OH this weekend for a OSU Buckeye Game. She is also a Pinterest addict and she has been busy “pinning” ideas on a board for “My Mom’s New Career”.  She is one up on me since she also loves to check out Etsy and is always finding cute items.

She has always been up on the latest fashion and is crazy about “chevrons”.  Well to give you an idea of how “out of touch” I am with fashion, I had to ask, “What’s a chevron?”  Her answer, “Mom, you know…the front of Charlie Brown’s shirt.”  Oh, I thought that was zig-zag!!

She has been busy sending me things I could make her to wear to the game and then she found a clutch on Etsy she liked.  I like to sew, but I need a pattern.  So this clutch was the result of  two addicts bouncing ideas around.   I think the result is really cute, but I think I would have liked it better with a red zipper.  My mama always said, “you know what red says….look at me!”

The original pin for the instructions for the clutch can be found here.

I have just included instrutions for  the “buckeye leaves” that I added.

leaf image

Buckeye leaf image

You will need to find a Buckeye Leaf image.  This is one I picked up at a quilt show and it was dated 2003.  I can not believe I found it.  Sorry for the shadow, I think need to take some photography lessons or get better lighting.  Maybe I just need to sew in the daylight and not put everything off until the last-minute and working late into the night..LOL.

Buckeye clutch

Buckeye clutch

I  traced the image on Wonder Under and cut it out of scraps of fabric.  Be careful with the placement.  You will have to pre-fold the fabric for the clutch so that the image appears where you want it on the clutch.  After I ironed it on, I stitched around the image with a blanket stitch.  Ashley opted for a grey ( or is that gray) zipper.  If you check out the original “pin”, you will see she used contrasting zippers and they were very striking.  I guess Ashley (aka: my daughter) was thinking that grey would be neutral and would be more versatile .  Hope the girls like it at the game this weekend.

Ohio State Buckeye clutch

Ohio State Buckeye clutch

As you can see it is just the right size for your cell phone, keys, lip gloss and debt card.  I did put red in the inside..

ps.  I bought 2 yards of the “zig-zag” fabric and only used a 9″ x 10″ square, so let me know if you would like a clutch of your own!

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