Chevron Skirt for the Buckeye Girl

chevron skirt

Chevron Skirt

If you have been reading my recent posts you will recall that my daughter was home last weekend to enjoy the fall leaves and to travel to Columbus, Oh to tailgate for the OSU football game.  She wanted a clutch to hold her cell phone and debit cards so she wouldn’t have to drag along a purse.  I posted the clutch. When I purchased the fabric I bought two yards when in reality I only needed a 9″ x 10″ piece.  I commented to Ashley, that I could make a lot of clutches with the left over fabric and she said she thought it would make an awesome skirt.  The fabric was duck, so it was heavy and I had my doubts.

I am not one to think out of the box, but I thought “what the heck.”  I made the skirt and put in the zipper, but didn’t do any of the handwork until she got home to try it on.  She doesn’t like to wear her skirts around her waist so although she is a size 4, I made the waistband for a 10 so it would sit on her hips.  I wish I would have taken a picture of that skirt it was HUGE!!!!!  Way too much fabric or maybe it was just the wrong type of fabric.  Ashley doesn’t sew , so she had no concept when she said, “can’t you just take some of the fabric out?”  Easier said than done!  I took the waistband off and it would have been a quick fix to take in the side, but of course it had two side pockets.  I took off the pockets and with the seam allowance, I took 20″ off the sides.  WOW!  If she wouldn’t have been home, the skirt would have ended up in the trash bin.  I think the final result looks great and it matches her clutch. Who would have thought to make a skirt out of “duck”. material

Made from Butterick pattern B5613 with adjustments!

buckeye clutch

Here is a picture of the extra material I cut out of the skirt…Wow!

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  1. Do you have a pattern that you used for the clutch/wristlet? it’s super cute, was going to make them up for some bridesmaids to match the skirt above they are wearing. Thank you so much for posting your results of this Butterick pattern it’s beautiful!

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