State Of Ohio shirt for the Buckeye Girl

state of Oh shirt

State of Ohio shirt

A one point in time the tourism bureau used the saying, “Ohio the Heart of it all.” So I guess this saying was the inspiration for the shirt.  My daughter saw a shirt similar to this one on Etsy and wanted one to wear to the Buckeye’s tailgate party.  I started by cutting the Ohio image out of freezer paper with my Cricut using the cartridge, “50 states.”  I cut several sizes using the “real dial size” and settled on 4 1/2 for the final product.

cutting freezer paper with the cricut

Cutting freezer paper with the Cricut

To get the freezer paper to adhere to the mat, I used my brayer to get the waxy side to stick.

trace the Oh image

Trace the Oh image onto Wonder Under

Oh image

Ohio image

I cut the image out of an old black t-shirt (I think her brother left it here, sorry Kris it now has a big hole in it).  She then wanted me to add a small heart @ were Columbus would be on the map.  I did a machine blanket stitch around the heart.


Marking placement

I then had her try the shirt on and I marked the placement with pins.  I practiced stitching one on an old paint shirt of mine and decided it needed something under it to stabilize the shirt while stitching.  I didn’t have any stabilizer, so I ironed on a piece of freezer paper and that worked great.

freezer paper

Freezer paper

The freezer paper was ironed onto the inside of the shirt.

compare the two shirts

Compare the two shirts

I don’t know if you can really see from the picture, but the rust colored shirt stretched when it was stitched without using the freezer paper under the stitching.  The gray and white striped shirt went on without stretching.  You will notice the small gray square inside the shirt.  This shirt was originally from The Gap, but was sold at our local discount store we call “Gabe’s” for $1.99.  I think the result came out great for $1.99.  Happy sewing!!

placement of the OH

Placement of the State of Ohio

We tried to get the Ohio image a little to the left and a little high so that we did not create a “bull’s-eye” with the heart.

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