Happy November Quilt and Decorations

november quilt

November Quilt and Decorations

The air is crisp and Thanksgiving is a little over a week away.  I can not believe how fast Fall is moving into Winter.  Fall and Spring are my two favorite times of the year.  As promised in my October post, I am once again posting a view of the dresser in my downstairs hallway.  Yes, it is VERY wide and there is space for a dresser, which I use to store seasonal decorations and it reminds me of my mom and my Grandma Stotts, so it warms my heart each day as I pass.

The Turkey quilt is another of the mini quilt from The Wooden Bear.  I just love these quilts and they are only 12″ x 12″, so they are fast to make and easy to store.  I did them all on the machine with a blanket stitch and Wonder Under Light.

thanksgiving turkey quilt

Thanksgiving Turkey Quilt

The scarecrow was a present from my good friend, Teresa.  I have had it several years, but I don’t have any information on the pattern.  Sorry! Isn’t he just the cutest thing!


Handmade scarecrow

There is the Fall table runner she made me.  I use it until I put out my Christmas decorations.

fall table runner

Fall Table Runner

Notice the glass handles on the dresser.  They are my favorite thing about this dresser, except for the fact that it was my Grandmother’s.  If you look closely on the shelf, you will see ceramic pilgrims and a turkey.  I made these for my mother in the 70’s and have placed them in her honor.  There is also an awesome card my friend Laura made for me several years ago.  Yes, I am a pack-rat and can not part with homemade cards.  The candle was made by my friend Val.  Thanks to all my crafty friends for the decorations.





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