Give Thanks Button Up Quilt

Give Thanks Button Up Quilt

Give thanks button up quilt

Another day closer to Turkey Day!  This is my November Button Up quilt.  It is the second in my monthly panels.  The background hangs year round and you just “button up” the panel each month.  It is a pattern by Joined at the Hip.  I have the pattern for most months of the year and I have even completed many of them. These post will inspire me to get the rest of them finished.

Remember to give thanks this Holiday Season and enjoy your friends and family.  I did get to Dr. Z’s today and hope that I will quickly be on the road to recovery.  I have missed way to many fun events this month.  The family (minus my children and son-in-law they will be here for Christmas) are going to be here at 1:00 on Thursday so I really need to get back on my feet.

Happy Thanksgiving to you an your family!

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