Not your Mama’s Tupperware Party – Cricut Christmas Card

Cricut Cartridge

Cricut Cartridge

This may seem like a strange title for the post of a Christmas Card, but again I am giving you the opportunity to grab that last piece of Thanksgiving pie and enjoy it while I relay a little know story about the sisterhood of women.  This theory may not be a proven fact, but it is the theory of my good friend Tammy.  She is a quilter and has worked in quilt shop and this may be where she gained the “Tupperware Party” theory.  We have traveled to many quilt shops together, as a matter of fact she belongs to the “Travel Group” of quilties that I mentioned in an earlier post.  Here’s how the story started …

Tammy and I along with many quilties were on a bus trip and we stopped at a quilt shop.  Well, I also love to cross-stitch and there happened to be a cross-stitch store right next to the quilt shop, so I persuaded Tammy to go to the shop with me.  She had never cross-stitched and had no desire to cross-stitch, but she came out of that stop with the pattern, floss, hoop, needle and fabric to complete a cross-stitch project.  What, you now ask, does that have to do with Tupperware?  Here’s her theory,  you get a bunch of ladies together and the excitement of a good find rubs off on the whole group and before you know it everyone in the group is buying the fabric, signing up for the class, ordering the stamps, the cooking items, the make-up or the “Tupperware”.  Get it, now it is the group “feeding frenzy”.

This story came to mind when I fell prey to the “Tupperware Party”  purchase at Joann’s on Wed.  I walked into that store to get some batting.  What was I thinking …Doorbuster…only had two and sold out the minute they opened.  I would have been OK, but standing by the cutting counter was my good friend Teresa (from the decorations post).  She was helping some ladies pick out Cricut Cartridges. No, she doesn’t work there, but she is very helpful and she helped me spend $53.00 and I didn’t get any batting.  What I did come home with were the three items above (among other goodies).  The thing I needed the least and had no intention of buying was the Cricut Cartridge, but Teresa was getting one (Tupperware Party) and she showed me this really cute  “Winter Frolic” that I just had to have now that someone pointed out all the wonderful cuts.

Remember in my post yesterday (if you read the post and didn’t just look at the pictures) I told you there was a card addiction in regards to Laura.  I am the guilty party in that “Tupperware Party” for her.  We were visiting for the weekend and the girls again slipped away while the men cooked and talked over “men things”.  She knew I liked to scrapbook and had heard there was a new scrapbook store that had opened in town.  She told me she thought she was safe taking me there because she didn’t scrapbook or make cards, so she could just watch me shop.  As you can tell from the Blessings post…she fell prey to the “Tupperware Party” and she now scrapbooks and make cards.  Sorry Laura, but I do love the cards you make me!! (by the way the new store was ” Archivers”, no wonder she got hooked)

Cricut Christmas Card

Cricut Christmas Card

This is one of the cards I have made with my new Cricut Cartridge, Winter Frolics.  No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you there are different size images on the cards.  If you use your Cricut much you know that sometimes it is hard to figure out how long an image will cut out when you chose the size.  I used 2 3/4, 3 1/4 and settled on 3 1/2 to fill the card front.(the two cards on the left)  I have shown you the layers.  Usually, I only use Stampin Up card stock for at least my card base.  I do love their colors and it is the only cardstock I feel is thick enough for the base. In the case of these cards I used DCWV printed cards with envelopes.  Many times if I am out of envelopes, I will use a coupon to buy these boxes.  The box pictured above happens to be “Christmas”, but I used some of their” Winter” cards  from last years clearance for the base of these cards. I do think it is thick enough for my card.

I am still cutting images with this cartridge, so stay tuned for more Christmas cards.

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