Candles…use caution



This past weekend I started redecorating my bedroom.  I have been busy painting and cleaning out items that have been in the room for years.  The above candle was something that had to go.  I went from green walls to cream and grey.  I thought I could still use the base since it was black.  Inside this holder was a candle in a glass jar.  I decided to burn the candle to help get rid of the paint smell in the room.  My sister came over to see the results and we were going to dinner and she said, “Oh, don’t forget to blow out the candle.”

Off we went to dinner.  When we returned home I worked in the room for a while and lit the candle again.  My husband was “down on the farm” deer hunting, so a bubble bath sounded like a great idea.  I grabbed my “More” magazine and hit the tub.  As I am  soaking in the tub I heard a pop.  I thought, “what the heck?”  I must be hearing things.  The bathroom door was ajar and soon I began to smell something like “a burnt out candle.”  I quickly got out of the tub and ran into the room.

broken candle

Broken Candle

Notice that there is a dresser scarf under the candle base.  How lucky was I!!!!!

broken candle

Broken candle

This was the pop I heard while soaking in the tub.  I always thought if a candle was in a jar it would be safe.  I have learned a valuable lesson.  Thank heavens this is all that happen.  All I could think of was …  What if?  I was so glad that we had blown out the candle before we left for dinner.  So happy that I had the candle on the base and not just on the dresser.  We could have had a real disaster.

What have I learned…never trust a candle…just saying!

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