Embroidery Floss – organization

Floss orgainzation

Floss organization

Happy December! I thought I would post the rest of my closet organization. This is a picture from an earlier post on fabric organization.  The little green book is where I logged all my fabric.  The other container is all my embroidery floss.

Tackle box for floss

Tackle Box for floss

This is the tackle box that houses all my embroidery floss.  I have every color wound on a little plastic cards that I got a JoAnn’s.  It is all labeled and in number order if it is DMC.  Yes, at one point I felt like I had to have every single color of floss that DMC makes.  I soon found that I had floss stashed in projects and ended up with several of cards of some of the colors. So  this has helped me because it give me some place to put the floss when I finish a project. (not that it always happens).

floss organized by #

floss organized by #

I hope this gives you a clear picture of how the floss is organized.  I got the tackle box at Wal-mart a few years ago, but I am sure you can find something similar.  If you have a small collection for floss, you can get the individual container at most craft stores.

Ends are labeled with #

Ends are labeled with #

As you can see by the picture, I have labeled each container with the number range of DMC that is included in that box.  The bottom box also includes my Weeks Dye Works floss.

If you look closely at the picture you will notice the green chair rail in the background.  That is now dark grey.(or is that gray)  I have been a little slow in my posting, because I have been working on painting that room.  I should have some posts soon on the projects I am doing in the room.

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