Upcycled Man’s Tie into a bracelet

bracelet made from man's tie

Bracelet made from man’s tie

My daughter recently purchase a bracelet that was made from a man’s tie.  Her’s had a leather buckle on it, but it also had a price tag of $55.00

My son moved to CO this summer and brought me all the items he didn’t have room for in his car.  Among those items were loads of neckties.

tie bracelet

tie bracelet

I thought I would try my hand at making one of these bracelets.  I really have to say that this may have been the hardest step, deciding which button to put on the bracelet.  Oh yea, I really, really, really do hate to make button holes.   I read some blogs on how to make a tie bracelet, but I choose the simple route.  I just measured my daughter’s wrist and added @ 2 1/2″ to that measurement.  I used the skinny part of the tie, you know, the part you never see.  I turned raw edges in and slip-stitched the opening closed.  I then put in a button-hole and sewed on the button.  How fast was that.  You could really make a few bracelets from the same tie.  I think I will try to make the little wristlets I have seen on Pinterest from the rest of the tie. My New Year’s Resolution is to try some more of those “pins” and report on how they work out.  I really didn’t take very detailed pictures of this bracelet, but my nieces have picked out ties and I will get busy on those bracelets and post the results.  Have fun with this.  It would be a great way to use a tie from a special occasion or maybe one of your dad’s.  What a sweet memory!

bracelet from man's tie

bracelet from man’s tie

bracelet from man's tie

bracelet from man’s tie

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