Personalizing Vinyl Toys

vinyl toys

personalizing vinyl toys

Mickey Font

Mickey Font

My sister bought her grandchildren matching desks for Christmas and of course we wanted to avoid any fighting over which desks was theirs, so I went to my trusted Cricut for a solution.

Mickey Font Cricut

Mickey Font Cricut

I decided on the Mickey Font Cricut Cartridge for the lettering.  I just cut the letters out 2″ high using  black vinyl.  I then peeled off the back and centered them on the desk.  The letters are easily removable if you want to reposition them or remove them altogether.  This desk was from Step One, but you could easily add vinyl cutouts to Little Tykes or any other vinyl toy.  It only took about a 30 minutes to complete from start to finish.  In fact it took me longer to do this post than it took to actually letter the desks.  Now all that is left is to deliver them on Christmas Eve.  Merry Christmas everyone!

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