Christmas Money Tree

money tree

Christmas money tree

My brother-in-law was looking for an interesting way to give his daughter money for Christmas this year, so we got on Pinterest and found a money tree.  I went to the site for the money tree, but decided to make a few changes.  I thought about the Pumpkin decoration that I had made in the fall with the roll of toilet paper and thought that same idea would work for this project.  I gathered the materials and then waited on the money!

materials for the money tree

Materials for the money tree

I used:

3 12″ wooded skewers

green marker

wire (silver is pictured, but I went with green)  I used 50 inches of wire and had extra to cut off when I was finished

1 fat quarter of Christmas fabric

2 paper stars cut out with my Cricut

sticky strip tape

money (we used 8  $50.00 bills)

Fold the money accordion style

folded money

folded money.

You can see the green wire I used in this picture. The top left hand corner shows you how to fold the bills.  Fold in half and then fold the sides down.   I wanted the value to show, so I folded the front together and then folded the value sides down.    First color the skewers with the marker or you could also paint them so that they are green. Now wire the three skewers together about two inches up from the bottom.  Place the first folded bill in between the three skewers.

folded money

folded money

I really didn’t have a picture of the first bill that was placed in the tree.  You will see what I mean in the next steps.  This picture shows the tricky middle folds you will have to make in the next 7 bills.  The first bill will not have a middle fold, but you want the tree to gradually get smaller, so you have to make folds in the middle of the bills as you add them to the tree.  This takes a little “playing” so that you can get the right gradation to the tree.

adding the folded bills

Adding the folded bills

This picture will give you an idea of how you add the bills to the skewers.  I kept two skewers to the back of the bill and slipped the bills behind the top skewer so  that they were kind of sandwiched in.  Start the wire from the back of the skewers and wrap it in a criss-cross around the front of each bill as you work your way up the tree.

back view for the money tree

Back view of the wiring for the money tree

This is the back view of the top of the money tree.This shows you how to end the wiring, but it is also how I started the wiring.

money tree

money tree

This is a good picture of the front of the tree with the wiring.  Clip off any extra wire before you add the star.

Now on to the bottom of the tree.  Place your toilet paper roll in the middle of your fabric with the right side of the fabric facing the table.  Now before you start tucking in the fabric, put some scrap fabric or batting into the bottom of the roll to help the tree stay upright.

fold in the fabric

fold in the fabric

Now start folding in the fabric to the center of the roll of toilet tissue.  The amount of fabric will depend on the size of your roll of toilet tissue.  This is a regular roll, so I did trim some of the fabric.  Just play with it untill it all fits with no raw edges showing.

base for tree

base for tree


insert tree into base

Now add your star.  Make sure you put plenty of  sticky strip on the star, because you are going to place they over the skewers.

add sticky strip

add sticky strip

This is a gift anyone would be happy to receive.  I am sure you could use if for other occasions, by changing out what you put on the top of the tree.  Have fun!

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