Happy New Year – Fitness Plan

New Year's Tree

New Year’s Tree

Happy New Year!  First I wanted to share the New Year’s Tree that my niece, Kathleen made.  Isn’t is so cute.  Her mom has this little tree in her living room and they like to decorate it for Holidays.  I think this is the first time she has done New Year’s!  The rest of this Post is about my fitness plan, so if you are not interested, you can just go back to surfing the web.

Today is a time for reflection on the past and the start of a new future.  Mine today, as every day fitness (lack of it on my part) and weight.  I think these are probably the number 1 and number 2 resolutions made my most people on New Year’s Day.  It is so easy to start fresh on this first day of the new year, but it is the days and weeks that follow that are a struggle.  My struggle also starts today with my sister-in-law, Kelley’s “cabbage roll open house”.  Every year she makes over a 1oo cabbage rolls and friends and family gather to enjoy her cooking. I will have to admit I usually take a container and bring a couple home and of course there are also sweets involved.

Over the Holidays my brother stated that he has topped out on his weight.  What he meant was that his weight is at an all time high.  He works out and is fit, but he also likes to eat and is cursed with a wife (Kelley) who is a wonderful cook and packs him lunches that would feed a small country.  My sister and I have also topped out this year.  We have been texting inspiration and exercise stats since Christmas.  It hasn’t helped me yet since this is my BMI this morning on the Wii.  Notice how chunky my little person is!


N BMI on the Wii

This doesn’t even tell the entire story, since it is 10:15 am and the days weight is not listed.  I have also found that if your batteries are weak or you use a battery pack in your Wii balance board, you get a lower weight.  No I didn’t show my weight, but by my scales did and it was highter than the Wii so this BMI should be even higher.  I think we will start here and hope the trend starts to go down.

workout stamp

Workout stamp

This is how the Wii Fit Plus program tracks your workout routine.  You get a stamp if you even visit it during the day.  You can not cheat and go back and stamp days that you don’t visit, so this is my goal, I will have at least 28 stamps by Jan 31st.  I am going with 28 since I will be going on at least one out-of-town trip and will not be taking my Wii.



I also purchased one of these little numbers.  A Fitbit!  It is an activity tracker that uploads to a free website so that you can track your steps and activity.  It also has an app for your phone if it is 4S, but mine is only 3S, so I don’t have that feature.  Just to keep me on track you may see some numbers on the bottom of future posts such as:

steps  10,000 (goal)

BMI  22 (well I know that won’t happen, but I would like to get it @ 24 or less)

Good luck with your New Year’s Resolutions and I hope this is the year I can stick to mine.

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