Cricut Birthday Card

Cricut birthday card

Cricut birthday card

My Great-nephew, Michael, turned one in December.  This is his Birthday card.  The Jack-in-the-box was cut using my friend, Val’s, “Nate’s ABC’s” Cricut Cartridge.  I thought is was cute, but my daughter thought he was a little “creepy”.  I guess he looks a little like someone from the “Island of the Mis-fit Toys”.  Well, you know kids, they are just looking for money anyway when they open the cards and Michael wasn’t this least bit interested in anything but the cake.  I also used this cartridge to make some scrapbook pages in a blank book, which was his gift.

Michael's first birthday

Michael’s first birthday

Here’s the little guy when he started eating his cake.  By the time he had finished it he had it in his hair and the dog was licking the icing off his hands.Sorry for the “yellow” picture. It looks like the photos I took in the 70’s that are now getting that “yellow glow”.   My camera is still giving me fits. The good news is, my son got me a new camera for Christmas.  The bad news is, it was delayed in shipping and didn’t arrive before he left CO.  Now I will probably have to wait until I go for a visit to get it, because I just can not see him making it to the Post Office.

Best friends Cricut scrapbook page

scrapbook page

I guess I only took a picture of one of the layouts I made for his scrapbook.  Yes, they do have a cat, two fish and a dog.  I punched the corners of the blue and gold rectangles so that his mom could just slip the pictures in and not have to use any tape or glue.  I used “Nate’s ABC’s” for this layout.  Happy crafting!!!





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