The Doctor is Hiking

the dr is in

The Doctor is in

On a recent trip to Co to visit my son I had one of those “proud mama” moments when I took this picture of his ipad cover.  I think this made it real.  My son really was a Doctor.  You can see by the picture that he is working in radiology.  I had this crazy idea to make him a quilt to reflect his career and also one of his hobbies.  I was thinking back to a Halloween quilt that I have been working on and I came up with the perfect quilt.

Happy Hauntings

Happy Hauntings

This is the pattern question.  I thought what better theme for a radiologists, than a skeleton.  The next question was, how to adapt it for Kris.  I kept the idea in the back of my mind and it seemed to me the skeleton should be sitting on something, so why not a rock and he could be out for a hike.  I dug in my fabric stash and found a grey for the rock and a blue with little specks in it that kinda looked like snow.  What better fabric for CO, since they do have a great deal of snow.

skelton quilt

skeleton quilt…first draft

Well I got this much done and it looked pretty cool, but it was missing something.  My friend and neighbor, Suzie Q (well her name is Sue) was out for a walk, so I asked her in for her opinion.  “Does he need a top hat?”  She replied, “No, he needs a stethoscope!”

That is when my hoarding came in handy!

skelton quilt...second draft

skeleton quilt…second draft

I trotted down to the basement and there in the bottom of the toy box was his stethoscope from his Doctor’s kit he had when he was @ 5.  It smelled a little musty, but what the heck.

He still looked like he needed something.  It came to me a “Doctor is  IN” sign.   So I made a sign that could be switched from “The Doctor is IN…to …The Doctor is HIKING”.

skelton quilt final product

skeleton quilt final product

I  added little tabs on the shoulder with snaps so that the stethoscope could be removed.  I also put buttons on the sign so it could be changed from “hiking” to “in.”

Kris and his quilt

Kris and his quilt

Here’s a picture of Kris and his grandma admiring his new quilt.  I don’t know if he will ever hang it up, but it was sure fun to make and put a smile on everyone’s face on Christmas morning.


The Happy Hauntings pattern was by The Vintage Spool @


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