Put on a Happy Face

cricut happy face card

Cricut Happy Face Card

It’s time to put on a “Happy Face” and embrace this cold weather.  I can not believe I haven’t posted in almost two weeks.  The weather here is sooooo cold I may be in a brain freeze.  The truth is that I found myself spending hours on the computer each night and not getting anything else done in the evenings. You know how that happens…you mean to just catch up on Words with Friends, which leads to checking Facebook.  Of course then I have to check the site stats for my posts.  After that, I need to check my madisonzanecreations@gmail account to see if anyone has liked my posts.  Oh yea, how about my yahoo account to see if any good deals have shown up.  Then the black hole…Pinterest!  I get on that site and before you know it …BEDTIME!!!  Therefore, I have been trying to stay off the computer in the evenings.

I did have some cards I needed to send out, so I got out my new “Groovy” Cricut cartridge and decided to make two sheets of “faces”.  I made 14 in all and  then changed up the cards a bit.  I made thank you, thinking of you, congratulations and get well cards all using this cute little happy face.  I will try to get back on track next week.

I am going to Amish Country with some of my “quilties” for the weekend, so look for me to post some quilts next week.  Stay warm!

cricut happy face cards

Cricut Happy Face cards


PS…I do have a Happy Face on…my new camera arrived in the mail yesterday….Thank You, Kris!!!!!  love, your mama

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