I spy…..

I spy

I spy

I hate to admit it, but I have reached the age where it need to wear those little things refered to as, “reading glasses”.  I wear contacts, but I opted for mono-vision lenses.  Which means that  I still see better up close if I use the reading glasses.  Of course, I didn’t invest in one of those little  old lady ropes you can wear around your neck to keep your glasses  handy, so I am always losing them.  I was working on a sewing project and looked over the entire house for those pesky little glasses.  I ended up taking out my contacts and wearing my glasses.  I still didn’t find the reading glasses.

The next day I was off to the store to purchase another pair of reading glasses.  Several days passed and I needed to download some pictures for a post, so I went to the bid where I keep all my cords and lo and behold, the glasses were hiding in among the cords.  Look closely at the above picture and you can see how good they are at hide and seek.  Yes, they are in there…



I guess the mystery is …. how did they get there?   All I could hear was my mother saying, “Well they didn’t walk there by themselves!”

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