Construction Quilt

Boy's Construction Quilt

Boy’s Construction Quilt

Well it’s about time!

I haven’t posted in a while, so I thought I would give you a peek at some of the quilts I have done on my long arm machine.  This is one I quilted for my good friend, Kathi.  She has been very busy this year and I have done several quilts for her.  This one was for one of her grandson’s.  I loved the use of the bright colors.

cobble stone quilting

cobble stone quilting

I tried some cobble stone quilting in the outer border.  I thought the trucks needed some pavement!

star quilting

star quilting

I repeated the stars that were in the blocks in the quilting.  I put large stars in the plain blocks and a little star rope in the white border.

I am hoping this will get me inspired to get back to the quilting machine.  It is kinda’ cold in the basement, so maybe the warmer weather will be the spark I need to get my engine going!


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