Bunny Button Up – Happy Easter

Bunny Button Up

Bunny Button Up

Happy Easter everyone!  Although my children were not home for Easter, we did have a house full.  It rained, so we had an indoor Easter Egg Hunt.  140 eggs were found in about 10 minutes by 4 little cuties.  Everyone enjoyed the food and fun.  The day ended with my sisters doing the dishes while Bentley taught Uncle D some of her dance moves.  It was so cute.  Notice my ipod on the table rocking out the tunes.  Mr. B is busy on the Kindle playing Angry Birds.

ready, set ...dance

ready, set …dance

My niece, Kathleen made a couple of recipes she found on Pinterest and they were both great.  I don’t have the recipes, but I am sure you can search for them on Pinterest.  Stay tuned this summer for some more great ideas from Kathleen.  She can not wait to finish her first year of college and get creative on her Summer break.

White chocolate covered strawberries make to look like carrots

White chocolate covered strawberries to look like carrots

fruit salsa and cinnamon chips

fruit salsa and cinnamon chips


The quilt was from the Button Up series by Joined at the Hip.  You can search my blog under “quilts” to find other quilts I have made in the series.

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