Quilt Retreat … visitors from Spain!

 New Friends

New Friends

The first weekend of April a group of quilting friends headed to Holmes County in Ohio to quilt for the weekend.  This is a retreat we usually do in August, but there was so much interest in the retreat they decided to have two this year.  We go Zink’s Inn and when we book the rooms, they let us use the basement meeting room for free.  Late Sat nite, or I guess it was early Sunday morning, @1:30 a m  we had the basement door propped open to let in some air and in walked a group of ladies.  There were only about 6 of us still sewing and we were a little taken aback by the entrance of people we didn’t know.  As it turns out the ladies were from Spain and they were lost!  They had arrived in Cincinnati earlier in the day and rented a car to drive to Holmes County.  They were going to attend the International Quilt Show later in the week in Cincinnati and were going to spend a few days in “Amish Country”.

As they were looking for their hotel, they spotted Tammy at her sewing machine through the window.  Anna (pictured above with me) exclaimed, “Oh, stop…they are one of us!”  I guess since she spotted the sewing machine, she knew we were also quilters. After some visiting and exchanging of information,  Tammy offered to lead the way to their hotel.  By this point, they had been up for 26 hours.  We invited them to return on Sunday to visit with the rest of the members and look at the project we were working on.

Helene giving instructions on Farmer's Wife

Helene giving instructions on Farmer’s Wife

Helene had her completed Farmer’s Wife top on the floor and she proceeded to give the ladies some instructions on how to complete the blocks.

Helene's Farmer's Wife travels to Africa

Helene’s Farmer’s Wife travels to Africa

Here is a picture of Helene’s quilt top.

The ladies then enjoyed looking at some of our other projects.

Diane's signature quilt

Diane’s signature quilt

Diane complete her signature quilt top.  Several members exchanged signature block a couple of years ago.  We had a year to complete the blocks.  The blocks were to be a finished 6″ block and you were to add two 6 1/2″ squares of fabric that you had used in your block.  Diane used the extra squares of fabric to complete the colorful border.  She did have to add some of her own fabric.

Barb's block

Barb’s block

All of the blocks were wonderful, but I will have to say that this one is my favorite.  Barb added each person’s last name to the sewing machine and I loved the detail of the thread and button.

Shanon's mini flower garden

Shannon’s mini flower garden

I wish I would have been able to capture the picture of our visitors faces when they looked at this piece by Shannon.

admiratiion from Spain

admiration from Spain

I didn’t snap the photo until the surprised looks on their faces was gone….that is the bad thing about digital photos!!  Time delay!!

A penny says it all

A penny says it all

Now with a penny to see the scale, you can see what all the excitement was about!!  Great job Shannon!!!!

Sherry's mini quilt

Sherry’s mini Quilt

Not to be outdone,  Sherry completed this amazing wall hanging.  Her nine patches were 1/2″.  (I hope I got that right!) Great job!!

Helene's block

Helene’s block

There are 12 or 13 ladies who belong to a Splinter group called the “Twisted Sisters”.  They are working on a block exchange this year and this is the block Helene is doing.

Charlotte's Block

Charlotte’s Block

This is the block Charlotte picked and she had all of them completed before we left on Sunday.

Cheri's block

Cheri’s block

Cheri was working on an original design using a pre-printed panel.  This is one of her completed blocks.  In the background you can see part of my Autumn Long and Lean wall hanging.  I worked several pieces.  Say tuned for my finished projects.

Buckeye sundae

Buckeye sundae

On Saturday we took some time out to shop and  enjoy a delicious sundae.  Can you say “sugar overload!”

fabric for Farmer's Wife

fabric for Farmer’s Wife

This was my big purchase for the weekend.  Fabric to complete the Farmer’s Wife quilt.  Please stay tuned for a weekly feature on my blog.  I have vowed to complete two blocks per week and the 111 blocks will be completed in 13 months.  I will post my completed blocks on a weekly basis.

Diane's Hummel quilt

Diane’s Hummel quilt

Diane and Tammy hold up her Hummel quilt for a photo.  Once again Diane wins the prize for the most projects completed.  She did have the setting blocks made, but she put them together and added the two boarders.  You win!!

Hummel detail

Hummel detail

This is a photo of the detailed machine embroidery on the blocks.  Our friend, Kathi, did the machine embroidery.

Abbe's quilt

Abbe’s quilt

And the prize for the “Most social” goes to Abbe!   This is what she completed in three days….LOL.   To her credit she just completed a one “woman” quilt show in Columbus and is the President of their Modern Quilt Guild!!  Congratulations on your show Abbe!!

New International friends

new International friends

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