Peggy Jean sends a sign



This morning my garden delighted me with a sign from my Mommy.  You see, purple was her favorite color and my purple tulips were in full bloom today on the 4th year anniversary of her death.  Although I didn’t seem to inherit many of her traits,  she was the rock that held our family together.  My father passed away when  my oldest sister was 15 and my youngest sister was 5.  She worked 40 years on swing shift at a factory to provide for our family of 5 children.  It still amazes me that was able to  raise such a close family and keep a house that was always spot-less!  That is one of  traits her I didn’t inherit.

Peggy Jean's retirement

Peggy Jean’s retirement

This is a picture of her at the young age of 60.  She is getting into the limo to take her to her last day of work.  We all rode with her and we played “Take this job and shove it” as she pulled into the parking lot.

group photo

group photo

Here she is between her two oldest grandsons on one of the rare occasions that she went on a vacation.  She was always very practical with her money and said, “why would you waste money on a vacation that only lasts a week, when you could buy a new couch and have it forever.”  That is another of the traits I didn’t inherit.  I am on the quest to visit all 50 states…no new couch for me!

Thank you Peggy Jean for the love and support you gave to our family.  No matter what…we always knew we could count on Mom!  You taught me that hard work pays off and that family is FIRST!  I love you!  Your #2 daughter….OXOX

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