Ohio State Cheerleader Card made with the Cricut

Ohio State Cheerleader Cricut Card

Ohio State Cheerleader Cricut Card

Congratulations Jess!  I made this card for my nephew’s girlfriend who has just made the cheerleading squad for The Ohio State University.  We are soooooo proud!   I used the Everyday Paper Doll Cricut cartridge.  I love this cartridge.  It has so many uses.  You can cut about anything thing out!   I think the paper dolls are so cute and you can change up the hair and clothes for any occasion.  I used  stickers for the block O on the cheerleading outfit and the “Go Bucks”.  On the edge of the white background, I used a “Stampin Up” punch.

Cricut Craft Room

Cricut Craft Room

I wanted to add something to the inside of the card, so I went to the Cricut Craft Room “to design and cut.”  If you haven’t downloaded this FREE program you are not getting the most “bang for your buck” with your Cricut.  You can download it from cricut.com .   I used the George and Basic Shapes.

Just add a text box. .. Type in the “I”….  Add a Heart…  Add another text box and type “Cheer” then go to the spacing arrows on the left hand sid of the screen and push the down arrow until the letter are overlapping …and another text box and type in “to” and overlap these letters… At this point you will have 4 images to work with on your screen.  Just highlight the image you want to work with by double clicking on it until the arrow appear.

Now over lap the heart and words by moving the images around on the screen.(  You can also resize the image).  Notice I have the “to” with arrows around it so that I can work with the image’s one at a time. The program will “weld” the images and the words! (weld, as in make it just one cut ) How cool is that!!!

inside of card

inside of card – George and Basic Shapes

Well, I kinda fibbed about that.  If you look closely you can see that I didn’t get the word “Cheer” close enough togeter and the “C” cut separate form the rest of the image.

Craig and Jess

Craig and Jess

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