This is IT…my last Coke Zero

coke zero

coke zero


Ok, it’s official!  This was my last Diet Coke in a quest of 90 days without a diet pop. (or soda depending on what part of the country you are from)  I have made through day one with only 89 days to go.  I decided to try to give up diet pop after my girlfriend sat across from me at a quilting get-a-way for a weekend and said, “Kim,  we need to talk…you drink entirely  too much diet pop. Do you know how bad it is for you?”

Well I am sure it is not good for me, but I really don’t think it is that bad.  I have heard it said that diet pop will make you crave sweets.  I decided to see for myself it that is true.  I admit I am a sugar addict and I know I can not give up sugar.

I chose 90 days because I read somewhere that it takes 90 days to form a habit.  In this case, I am hoping that after 90 days I will break a habit.  My husband is totally against this quest.  He said he doesn’t want to listen to me “cry” about it for 90 days.  I guess I will have to suffer in silence.

As of right now I have made it through day one with only EIGHTY-NINE DAYS TO GO!  Did I say that already?   We’ll see how this works out!

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