Farmer’s Wife Quilt blocks – week 2 No. 1 & 2

Farmer's Wife Quilt Attic Windows

  Farmer’s Wife Quilt Attic Windows


If you read my earlier post on the Farmer’s Wife Quilt, you know I am on a mission to complete the quilt in 13 months by making two blocks per week and posting my progress.  I have been reading posts on the Farmer’s Wife Yahoo group and one of the ladies stated that she was going to do the blocks in order, because she thought if she left the hard blocks for last, she wouldn’t finish her quilt.  Well, that makes perfect sense to me.  So, I then went back and started at the beginning of the blocks and this is block #1 Attic Windows.

Paper pieced Attic Windows

paper pieced Attic Windows

I downloaded the pattern from the Yahoo group website which is listed in this earlier post.  Sometimes I have an issue with which part of the block I am working on when paper piecing, so I decided to get out my trusty colored pencils.  I “fussy cut” the center with the main goal on my now “Leap List”.  I got this term off of the new Honda CRV commercial.  I guess “bucket list” infers that you are getting ready to “kick the bucket” and I have way too many UFO’s to even begin to think about that.  (UFO’s will be addressed in a future post)

I am by no means an expert on paper piecing, but I love the precise look it gives your block.   I hope you will join me on my journey to improve my paper piecing skills as I complete this quilt.

Farmer's Wife Quilt Autumn Tints

Farmer’s Wife Quilt Autumn Tints

My next block is Autumn Tints which is # 2 in  the Farmer’s Wife Quilt book.  Since this was a simple pieced block I didn’t paper piece it.  I cut two strips of cream print 2″ x 5″ and one strip each of the yellow and green 2″ x 5″.  I cut two orange block 3  1/2 x 3  1/2 inches.

Autumn Tints

Autumn Tints

Sew the green and cream strips together and the yellow and cream strips together.  Now sub cut those strips 2 x 3 1/2.  Sew one yellow/cream strip to the green/cream strip.

Autumn Tints

Autumn Tints

Your next step is to join these four blocks.  Make sure you press the seams towards the orange block so that the seams will butt up together.  Happy quilting!!






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  1. I’m glad I found your blog. I just decided to do the same thing – start at the beginning of the book and do the blocks in order. I will be a few behind you but I may be able to catch up. I’m new to quilting so I appreciate any pointers on the blocks. The way you put the little squares together is very helpful. Thank you.

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