Sewing Day Project…portable UFO wall

Portable UFO wall

portable UFO wall

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I spent Thursday and Friday of last week sewing with some great friends.  It was killer on my diet, but we really had some great eats!  This is the project we made.  Irvalee had all the materials for us and she had already cut the vinyl.  The instructions for this project are on Pinterest at this link.  I went to sewing days with the intention of completing some of my UFO’s and I brought home two more unfinished projects.

The shame of my UFO’s started in April of this year, when my quilt guild challenged the members to make a list of all their started and unfinished projects.  Next, we were to pick two projects to finish by Oct of 2013.   Well, I will have to admit that I have known for quite a while that I seem to have a problem completing my quilting projects.  I don’t know if you are  like me, but there seems to be so many cute patterns that I start a project and before I get to complete it, I find another project to start.  I do have a cool system for keeping track of my projects, but this didn’t seem to be as efficient as I thought.  At first I counted 60 projects and then I started opening drawers and looking in closets and I found more.  My final total (including the two new ones from sewing days) was a shameful 81.  If that isn’t bad enough, it doesn’t include the projects that I have fabric or patterns and I haven’t even started yet.  It does include wool and quilting projects, but not my cross-stitch  or scrapbooking projects.

Now I realized why I have been given the Summer off!  My mission is to whittle this list down and have you follow my progress.  I will list the number of the project and a picture of what the project looks like before I start the completion process. Then hopefully the completed project.  So here goes…

UFO portable wall

UFO portable wall

I came home Friday night with this much progress on my portable UFO wall.  I had the binding sewn on.  I must say that this was not an easy task.  I couldn’t get the fusible fleece to adhere to the wrong side of the vinyl, so I had to use spray adhesive.  Then I had trouble with the vinyl feeding through my machine.  Irvalee  was sitting next to me and pointed out that my machine came with a Teflon  foot just for this purpose.

machine foot

machine foot

This seemed to help matters somewhat, but I still struggled. I have completed my first UFO  #80!

I cut everyone’s name out with my Cricut and I used the Opposites Attract cartridge.  This was a good idea, since we all used the same vinyl for our projects.

sewing days gifts

sewing days gifts

Not only did Irvalee provide us with a fun project, she also gave us these gifts upon leaving Friday.  I will show you how to make the candy gift in a future post.  I have already filled my UFO wall with a project that I will work on in a couple of weeks when I travel to Amish Country to sew with my “quilties”.

UFO wall

UFO wall





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  1. Good job Kim. You did the hard part…you counted your projects and made them public. That is kind of like announcing you are going on a diet, As friends should we ask you if you REALLY need that new project when we see you about to give into temptation? I will be a “good” friend and turn a blind eye if you see something REALLY CUTE at Miller’s.

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