Color Wheel … UFO #79

Hexagon Color Wheel

Hexagon color Wheel

Yea!  I have completed a UFO!  This was a project from a class hosted by our quilt guild.  It was taught by Cindy Casciato from Ravenna, Oh.  I am not sure what year I started this project, but the copyright on the pattern is January 1992. I found this piece while I was completing my UFO list.  It was such a small project, I wondered why I hadn’t finished it.



When I took the project out of its hiding place, this is what it looked like.  Almost complete?

UFO #79

UFO #79

I pressed the pieces and it became very clear why this project had been in hiding.  It was being punished for not staying in line.

UFO #79

UFO #79

Not only didn’t is stay in line on the left, it refused to stay in line on the right!  Bad color wheel!

UFO #79

UFO #79


Could it really be the color wheel’s fault?  Did it deserve another chance or was it off to file 13?  I have trouble giving up on things, so I started checking out the seams.  Now I got it, the sewing machine was at fault!! (of course it could have had something to do with the quilter).  Look at the difference in the correct seam allowance.

UFO #79

UFO # 79

I spent about an hour getting it back in line and fudged the edge a bit, but it is now complete! It is so funny to look at the top picture and see the tumbling blocks, because when you look at the bottom picture you see the star.  2 down 78 to go!!

I’m in for a busy Summer!!




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