Summer Fun… painting with bottles

painting with bottles

painting with bottles

It is a beautiful Summer day here in Ohio.  I spent part of the day painting my Mother-in-law’s porch and daydreaming.  It is so easy to let your mind wander while you are working outside on a worthwhile project.  I didn’t take my iPod, so I was just alone with my thoughts.  I remembered the photos I snapped earlier this Spring at Pre-school of a painting project.  This was done with the bottom of a water bottle and the bottom of a two liter pop bottle (or soda depending on what part of the country you are from).

painting with bottles

painting with bottles

This wasn’t my idea, the super creative teacher came up with the project.  I was in charge of the center.  I filled 4 paper plates with WASHABLE paint (very important to make it washable)  I used blue, red, yellow and orange, but any colors will do.  The stems were just drawn with green crayons.  The greatest thing about this fun project is the clean-up.  You can throw everything in the trash and don’t even have to wash out any paint brushes.  This would be a great way to fill some of those “Lazy Hazy Crazy Days of Summer . The days of soda….”

painting with bottles

painting with bottles

I made an example for the students and this little guy made his like mine.  The top picture was made by Logan (I forgot to crop out his name).  He told me he was going to make his flowers beautiful.  He was right…More is Better!!  This just goes to show you the students are much more creative than Ms. Kim!!

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