Old Glory, flag pillow…UFO #58

Old Glory

Old Glory

Yea! I have finished another UFO project.  This is a pattern from Need’l Love Company.  I bought the kit that included the wool and the pattern at an estate sale several years ago.  I only paid $2.50 for this kit and it had the original price marked at $10.00.  My friend, Laura will be so proud of me when she reads this post.  (She said it’s only a bargain if you finish it!)  I purchased the fabric for the pillow top on a trip to Amish Co. about 2 or 3 years ago.

Old Glory

Old Glory










This is what my project looked like when I retrieved it from it’s hiding place.  Unlike the Color Wheel, it was not in need of any “un-sewing”.   I just needed to press everything and cut the material for the pillow.  I then used the blanket stitch to attach the wool to what would be the front of the pillow. I didn’t use a pillow form and I think it looks like I used a little too much stuffing.  Silly me…I had some left in a bag and just kept stuffing until I got it all in the pillow.  It made it kinda’ hard to sew the border.  Oh well, another project marked off my list.  Does that only make 3 done and two added?  I guess I have really only gotten my list down by one!

I am leaving on Friday for a four-day trip to Mrs. Miller’s Cabin in Charm, Oh.  I am only taking hand sewing projects and hope I can resist buying any new projects.  Enjoy your weekend!


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