Farmer’s Wife Quilt Week 5 – blocks #7 and #8

Birds in the Air #7

Birds in the Air #7

It’s time for another post of my Farmer’s Wife blocks..  I paper pieced both of these blocks.

Birds in the Air

Birds in the Air

I pieced the sub units first…

Birds in the Air

Birds in the Air

Then put the 4 units together!

Bouquet #8

Bouquet #8

This block was also paper pieced.

I would also like to give a shout out to Miller’s Dry Goods  for helping me pick out my fabric and for the encouragement they always give when you are at their store. 10 down- 101 to go!

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  1. I have not seen every Farmer’s Wife block in the world, but these are the prettiest I’ve seen. I just love the fabrics you chose! All the ones I’ve seen are more “traditional” fabrics or Civil War reproductions but I’m more of a modern fabric girl myself. Seeing yours actually makes me want to make them too! Thank you so much for sharing!! : ) -Jamie

    • Thank you for your kind comments. If you check out my earlier Farmer’s Wife posts you will find a link to the Yahoo Group that has all the paper pieced patterns for the Farmer’s Wife blocks. You apply for approval and it took me a few weeks to get approval to join. There are many pictures of many color ways. Enjoy your Summer off. I too have the Summer off for the first time in 42 years…enjoy!!

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