Cricut Craft Room … Outdoor Man Cartridge Cuts

Cricut Outdoor Man

Cricut Outdoor Man

Boy, Oh boy the timing was right for me in the Cricut Craft Room this week.  The FREE cut is the Outdoor Man cartridge.  I used it last night to make the cuts above for my recent trip to CO. I will admit I may go back and recut a couple of the phrases, since the patterned paper is hard to read.  This is a great cartridge for anyone who camps or hunts.  There are some great Phrases, the font above and many outdoor related cuts.

Cricut Outdoor Man

Cricut Outdoor Man

One of our hikes on the trip was to The Arch.  Here you can see the font and font shadow.



I divided my space on the mat in half and placed both colors I wanted to cut on the mat at the same time.  This way it only takes one push of the “cut” button to have both sections cut at the same time.  If you notice the bottom of the card stock, you can see where I also used it to cut out “take a hike”.

Cricut Outdoor Man

Outdoor Man Cricut

I used the same method when cutting out the lake.  I divided the mat in fourths this time and made all my cuts at once.

Cricut Outdoor Man

Cricut Outdoor Man

This cut is a prime example of the fact that if your Cricut won’t make a cut…It may be because of your card stock!!  All paper is not made equal.  On this cut I used a green cardstock and the printed snowflake lightweight paper.  The green did not cut out in some places.  That was probably due to the fact that it was “cheap” paper.  I used another green and it cut out fine.  If you are having trouble with your cuts, try another cardstock or adjust the blade.

I can not say this enough…download the Cricut Craft Room and check it daily.  Some FREE cuts are there for just a few days and some are there for a week or more.  My advise is to make the cuts as soon as you can.  In this case, I tried to think of what titles I might use when I scrapbook my photos of my recent trip.  Happy cutting!



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