Farmer’s Wife Quilt Week 6 – Blocks #9 and #10

Farmer's Wife Block #9 Box

Farmer’s Wife Block #9 Box

Once again, I find myself behind in my posts.  Week 6 blocks are the Box and Bowtie.  I used Triangles on a roll to make the Box block.

triangles on a roll

triangles on a roll

The instructions for the triangles are printed on the paper. Use the ones that finish to a 2 1/2″ square. Put right sides together and sew on the dotted lines.

triangles on a roll

triangles on a roll

You will need to make 8 triangle units (as shown above) and cut one 2 1/2 inch center square.

sew sub-units

sew sub-units

Sew the sub units together pressing the top and bottom section seams to the outside and the center sections seams toward the solid center square.

Farmer's Wife Block #10 Bowtie

Farmer’s Wife Block #10 Bowtie

I paper pieced my Bowtie block.  I fell in love with this Kiwi color and adore the birds on a wire fabric.  This was an easy block and I forgot to take any pictures while sewing.  The paper-pieced patterns can be found on the Farmer’s Wife Yahoo Group.  You have to requests entry to the group and it takes a while to get approved.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

I was so in love with the Kiwi color that I found this comfy chair at a local furniture store and “hubby” bought it for me for my Birthday!!  Did I mention how much I love the color Kiwi…yea, I thought so…

12 down…99 to go!!

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